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Juanita Moore (actress) -- Dead. Died January 1, 2014. Born October 19, 1914. Received Best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Imitation of Life, and appeared the London production of A Raisin in the Sun.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Phil Everly (singer/songwriter) -- Dead. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Died January 3, 2014. Born January 19, 1939. The younger Everly Brother, Phil wrote "When Will I Be Loved?" and "Cathy's Clown;" very influential over the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Alicia Rhett (actress/artist) -- Dead. Died January 3, 2014. Born February 1, 1915. Played India Wilkes in Gone with the Wind, spent most of her life as a portrait artist.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Saul Zaentz (movie producer) -- Dead. Alzheimer's Disease. Died January 3, 2014. Born February 28, 1921. Won three Best Picture Oscars for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus and The English Patient.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Russell Johnson (actor) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2014. Born November 10, 1924. Best-known as the Professor on Gilligan's, did Alaska Airlines ads.  Home Page    IMDb

Dave Madden (comic) -- Dead. Congestive heart and kidney failure. Died January 16, 2014. Born December 12, 1933. The Partridge Family, Laugh-In.  twitter  IMDb

Ruth Robinson Duccini (actress) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2014. Born July 23, 1918. Last surviving actress to play a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz, also appeared in Under the Rainbow.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Hiroo Onoda (stubborn soldier/cattle farmer) -- Dead. Died January 16, 2014. Born March 19, 1922. Japanese soldier who continued to fight WWII in the jungles of the Phillippines until he finally agreed to surrender in 1974.  twitter  Obituary

Pete Seeger (singer/songwriter/activist) -- Dead. Died January 27, 2014. Born May 3, 1919. Wrote songs like "If I Had a Hammer" and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," founder of the group The Weavers, blacklisted during the '50s and '60s due to his political views, performed regularly in concert through his late 80s, marched for miles during an Occupy march in his 90s.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Arthur Rankin (producer) -- Dead. Died January 30, 2014. Born July 17, 1924. With Jules Bass, produced classic cartoons like Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn.  twitter  IBDB  Obituary

Christopher Jones (actor) -- Dead. Cancer. Died January 31, 2014. Born August 18, 1941. Starred as the mysterious soldier in Ryan's Daughter, once married to Susan Strasberg.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Maximilian Schell (actor) -- Dead. Died February 1, 2014. Born December 8, 1930. Judgment at Nuremberg (for which he won an Oscar), Deep Impact, brother of Maria Schell.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor) -- Dead. Drug overdose. Died February 2, 2014. Born July 23, 1967. Brilliant actor who won an Oscar for Capote, died while Mockingjay was in production.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Shirley Temple Black (actress/stateswoman) -- Dead. Died February 10, 2014. Born April 23, 1928. Most famous child star of the '30s, starred in movies like Little Miss Marker and A Little Princess, first wife of John Agar, she went on to be an ambassador.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Sid Caesar (comedian/actor) -- Dead. Died February 12, 2014. Born September 8, 1922. Your Show of Shows, appeared on the NBC 75th Anniversary Show.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ralph Waite (actor) -- Dead. Died February 13,2014. Born June 22, 1928. John on The Waltons, Roots, Sunshine State, Booth's grandfather in Bones.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mary Grace Canfield (actress) -- Dead. Died February 15, 2014. Born September 3, 1924. Ralph, the carpenter, on Green Acres, appeared in dozens of other TV shows.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Christopher Malcolm (actor/director) -- Dead. Died February 15, 2014. Born Aubust 19, 1946. The original Brad in the first production of Rocky Horror Picture Show (later directed many productions of Rocky Horror and won a Tony for Best Broadway Revival), a pilot in The Empire Strikes Back but probably best-known as Justin in Absolutely Fabulous.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Garrick Utley (journalist/professor) -- Dead. Prostate cancer. Died February 20, 2014. Born November 19, 1939. NBC newscaster for many years, later worked for ABC and co-anchored 9/11 coverage for CNN, fluent in four languages, later taught journalism.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Harold Ramis (director/actor) -- Dead. Autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis Died February 24, 2014. Born November 21, 1944. Director who helped define comedy in the '80s and '90s with Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Analyze This.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jim Lange (game show host/DJ) -- Dead. Died February 25, 2014. Born August 15, 1933. Host of The Dating Game in the '60s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Sherwin B. Nuland (medical ethicist/writer) -- Dead. Died March 3, 2014. Born December 8, 1930. Won a National Book Award for How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Geoff Edwards (game show host/TV host/actor) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died March 5, 2014. Born February 13, 1931. Hosted many different game shows in the '80s (like Chain Reaction and Starcade) in the US and Canada.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Sheila MacRae (actress) -- Dead. Died March 6, 2014. Born September 24, 1920. The other Alice Kramden, mother of Meredith MacRae.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Joe McGinniss (writer) -- Dead. Prostate cancer. Died March 10, 2014. Born December 9, 1942. The Selling of the President, Fatal Vision, The Last Brother, Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

David Brenner (comic) -- Dead. Died March 15, 2014. Born February 4, 1936. Frequent guest host for Johnny Carson, guest on talk and variety shows.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Clarissa Dickson Wright (cook, writer, bookstore owner, ex-lawyer) -- Dead. Died March 15, 2014 Born June 28, 1947. One of the Two Fat Ladies.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mitch Leigh (composer/director) -- Dead. Died March 16, 2014. Born January 30, 1928. Wrote the music for Man of La Mancha and for a very famous jingle - "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Lucius Shepard (writer) -- Dead. Died March 18, 2014. Born August 21, 1947. Brilliant short fiction writer who won a Nebula for "R&R" and a Hugo for "Barnacle Bill the Spacer."  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Robert Strauss (political operative/ambassador) -- Dead. Died March 19, 2014. Born October 18, 1918. The last ambassador to the USSR, the first ambassador to the Russian Federation, chair of the Democratic party in the '70s.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Patrick Joseph McGovern, Jr. (publisher/philanthropist) -- Dead. Died March 19, 2014. Born August 11, 1937. Founded IDG which published Computerworld and all those Dummies books, gave $350 million to MIT for the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

James Rebhorn (actor) -- Dead.Melanoma. Died March 21, 2014. Born September 1, 1948. Busy movie and TV actor who played Carrie's dad in Homeland.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  Obituary


Mary Anderson (actress) -- Dead. Strokes. Died April 6, 2014. Born April 3, 1918. Lifeboat and played Maybell Merriweather in Gone with the Wind.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mickey Rooney (actor) -- Dead. Died April 6, 2014. Born September 23, 1920. One of the major stars of the late '30s and early '40s, frequently paired with Judy Garland, he worked well into his 90s, an ex-husband of Ava Gardner.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died April 17, 2014. Born March 6, 1927. One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Cholera, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Bob Hoskins (actor) -- Dead. Pneumonia/Parkinson's Disease. Died April 29, 2014. Born October 26, 1942. Eddie in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday, major theater actor in the UK during the 70s.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (actor) -- Dead. Died May 2, 2014. Born November 30, 1918. The FBI, 77 Sunset Strip, father of Stephanie Zimbalist, son of violinist Efrem Zimbalist, Sr. and the soprano Alma Gluck.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Farley Mowat (writer/environmentalist) -- Dead. Died May 6, 2014. Born May 12, 1921. Wrote Never Cry Wolf and a number of nature-related books.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Nancy Malone (director/producer/actress) -- Dead. Pneumonia/leukemia. Died May 8, 2014. Born March 19, 1935. Won Emmys for acting (Naked City) and producing (Bob Hope: The First 90 Years), directed/produced many TV shows and movies, a founder of Women in Film in 1973.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Roger Easton (engineer) -- Dead. Died May 8, 2014. Born April 30, 1921. A lead developer of Global Poisitioning System (GPS) while working for the Naval Research Laboratory, was awarded a National Medeal of Technology and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.  Home Page  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

H. R. Giger (artist) -- Dead. Fall. Died May 12, 2014. Born February 5, 1940. Brilliant designer who earned an Oscar for his work on Alien.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mary Stewart (novelist) -- Dead. Died May 10, 2014. Born August 17, 1916. Best-selling novelist of The Crystal Cave.  twitter  IMDb

Gordon Willis (cinematographer) -- Dead. Died May 19, 2014. Born May 28, 1931. Cinemetographer for the Godfather movies, All the President's Men and most Woody Allen movies from Annie Hall through Purple Rose of Cairo  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Maya Angelou (writer) -- Dead. Died May 28, 2014. Born April 4, 1928. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and many others; Inagural Poet for the first Bill Clinton inaguration; eloquent commentator on our time.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Ann B. Davis (actress/minister) -- Dead. Aftereffects of a fall. Died June 1, 2014. Born May 3, 1926. Best-known as Alice on The Brady Bunch.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Jay Lake (writer) -- Dead. Colon cancer. Died June 1, 2014. Born June 6, 1964. Science fiction writer, winner of the 2004 Campbell Award, intense blogger on his cancer fight (frequently punctuated by Fuck Cancer, which all of us who knew him agree with), subject of the documentary Lakeside.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ruby Dee (actress) -- Dead. Died June 11, 2014. Born October 27, 1922. A Raisin in the Sun, The Stand, married to Ossie Davis for over 50 years, very active in the civil rights movement.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Chuck Noll (coach) -- Dead. Died June 13, 2014. Born January 5, 1932. Coached the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl wins in the '70s.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Casey Kasem (radio host/writer) -- Dead. Lewy Body dementia. Died June 15, 2014. Born April 27, 1932. Voice actor on many cartoons, voiced Shaggy on most Scooby Doo incarnations, host of the long-running radio show "American Top 40," always signed off with "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Daniel Keyes (writer/professor) -- Dead. Died June 15, 2014. Born August 9, 1927. Award-winning writer of "Flowers for Algernon" (later adapted as the movie Charly) and The Minds of Billy Milligan.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Stephanie Kwolek (chemist) -- Dead. Died June 18, 2014. Born July 31, 1923. She went to work for DuPont in 1946, developed Kevlar (later used in bullet-proof vests) and won the National Medal of Technology.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Gerry Goffin (songwriter) -- Dead. Died June 19, 2014. Born February 11, 1939. Co-wrote "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" and "Up on the Roof" with his first wife Carole King, went on to write songs like "Pleasant Valley Sunday."  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Steve Rossi (comic/singer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died June 22, 2014. Born May 25, 1928. Former stage partner of Marty Allen, hosted a Vegas-based radio show.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Eli Wallach (actor) -- Dead. Died June 24, 2014. Born December 7, 1915. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, married to Anne Jackson, won a Tony Award for The Rose Tatoo and an honorary Oscar for his long and varied career.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Howard Baker (politician) -- Dead. Stroke. Died June 26, 2014. Born November 15, 1925. A Republican senator back in the days when Republicans had intelligence and would fight corruption in their own party - during the Watergate hearings, Baker kept famously saying "What did the president know and when did he know it?"  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Meshach Taylor (actor) -- Dead. Died June 28, 2014. Born April 11, 1947. Designing Women.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Frank M. Robinson (writer) -- Dead. Died June 30, 2014. Born August 9, 1926. Co-author of The Glass Inferno (later combined with another novel to create The Towering Inferno); Robinson worked for Harvey Milk and appears (as a 30-year-older version of himself) in Milk.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

Paul Mazursky (director) -- Dead. Died June 30, 2014. Born April 25, 1930. Directed Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and An Unmarried Woman, created The Monkees, occasional actor, married for 63 years.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Bob Hastings (actor) -- Dead. Prostate cancer. Died June 30, 2014. Born April 18, 1925. Probably best-known as Lt. Carpenter on McHale's Navy, he was in dozens of TV shows and spent much of the later part of his career doing voicework for animation, particularly Comissioner Gordon in various incarnations of Batman, married for 66 years, older brother of Don Hastings.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Rosemary Murphy (actress) -- Dead. Died July 5, 2014. Born January 13, 1927. Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird, won an Emmy in the '70s for playing Sara Delano Roosevelt.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Dickie Jones (cartoon voice/trick rider) -- Dead. After effectsof a fall Died July 7, 2014. Born February 25, 1927. Voiced Pinocchio as a child, later performed in Westerns.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Eileen Ford (model manager) -- Dead. Died July 9, 2014. Born March 25, 1922. Manager of models like Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley and Brooke Sheilds.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Lorin Maazel (conductor) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died July 14, 2014. Born March 6, 1930. Conducted for 75 years, starting at the age of 9 until his death, led many great orchestras worldwide (including the Pittsburgh Symphony and New York Philharmonic), started the Castleton Festival in Virginia.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Elaine Stritch (actress) -- Dead. Died July 17, 2014. Born February 2, 1925. Many movie bit parts, starred in Company on Broadway, had an astounding one-woman show Elaine Stritch, At Liberty in 2001/2002, played Alec Baldwin's mother on 30 Rock.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

James Garner (actor) -- Dead. Died July 19, 2014. Born April 7, 1928. Eight Simple Rules, Maverick, two of the great double-takes of all time in Victor, Victoria, lots of TV, especially the Rockford Files.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Bel Kaufman (teacher/writer) -- Dead. Died July 25, 2014 Born May 10, 1911. Wrote the classic book on teaching high school Up the Down Staircase, was the grandaughter of Sholem Aleichem, lived to be 103.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Margot Adler (journalist/writer) -- Dead. Died July 28, 2014. Born April 16, 1946. Longtime NPR correspondent, created the longtime radio show Hour of the Wolf, wrote the classic pagan books Drawing Down the Moon and Heretic's Heart: A Journey Through Spirit and Revolution.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

James Shigeta (actor/singer) -- Dead. Died July 28, 2014. Born June 17, 1933. Born in Hawaii, he became a singing star in '50s Japan after winning the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, went on to star in Flower Drum Song and Die Hard, did a lot of TV.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Millie Zantow (recycling activist) -- Dead. Died August 3, 2014. Born February 13, 1923. In the early '80s, developed the 1-7 codes for plastic recycling now stamped on the bottom of most plastics.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

James Brady (activist/presidential press secretary) -- Dead. Died August 4, 2014 Born August 29, 1940. Worked in the Reagan administration until Reagan's would-be assassin shot him with a gun leaving him with a major brain injury; he and his wife Sarah became advocates for hand gun control by starting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Robin Williams (comic/actor) -- Dead. Suicide (asphyxiation)/Lewy body disease Died August 11, 2014. Born July 21, 1951. One of the fastest/funniest comics since the mid-70s (his interview on Inside the Actor's Studio was the funniest 2 hours of TV ever (the interview apparently went on for 5 hours)), he had impressive range and won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting; also wonderful in Awakenings, Insomnia, The Fisher King, active fundraiser for charities like Comic Relief, made a huge impression as Mork, struggled with depression/substance abuse for many years. Make memorial contributions to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USO, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Glide Memorial Church.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Lauren Bacall (actress) -- Dead. Stroke. Died August 12, 2014. Born September 16, 1924. Key Largo, Designing Woman, wrote Lauren Bacall, by herself, married to Humphrey Bogart and, later, to Jason Robards.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Don Pardo (NBC voice) -- Dead. Died August 18, 2014. Born February 22, 1918. Announcer for Saturday Night Live for 38 years (missed season 7), announcer for many game shows including Jeopardy back in the '60s and '70s, member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ameyo Stella Adadevoh (doctor) -- Dead. Ebola. Died August 19, 2014. Born October 27, 1956. Doctor with the wisdom to diagnose the first Ebola case in Nigeria and quarantine the patient against his will; as a result only 20 people got Ebola in Nigeria and only 8 died (including Dr. Adadevoh).  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Sir Richard Attenborough (director/actor) -- Dead. Died August 24, 2014 Born August 29, 1923. Directed Gandhi, starred in Jurassic Park.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave


Joan Rivers (comic) -- Dead. Complications of a medical procedure. Died September 4, 2014. Born June 8, 1933. Was once a funny comic, first woman to host a late night show, but, sadly spent her last 20 years berating people about their clothing.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Richard Kiel (actor/writer) -- Dead. Following a broken leg. Died September 10, 2014. Born September 13, 1939. Jaws in two James Bond movies, starred in the Twilight Zone adapatation of "To Serve Man."  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Polly Bergen (actress/singer) -- Dead. Emphysema Died September 20, 2014. Born July 14, 1930. Starred in the original Cape Fear, Kisses for my Presdent), much TV including Desperate Housewives, won an Emmy in the '50s for playing Helen Morgan.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Paul Revere (performer) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 4, 2014. Born January 7, 1938. Paul Revere and the Raiders founder, went on to tour as a singer for over 50 years, until three months before his death.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary  FindAGrave

Geoffrey Holder (director) -- Dead. Pneumonia. Died October 5, 2014. Born August 1, 1930. Broadway director, won direction and costume design Tonys for The Wiz, was widely-known as the "Uncola" pitchman for 7-Up in the '70s ("Ha-ha-ha....")  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Jan Hooks (comic) -- Dead. Cancer. Died October 9, 2014. Born April 23, 1957. SNL in the '90s, part of the last great cast.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Elizabeth Peña (actress) -- Dead. Heart attack/gastric bleeding/alcoholism. Died October 14, 2014. Born September 23, 1959. Voiced Mirage for The Incredibles, co-starred in Lone Star and Jacob's Ladder, co-starred in Matador when she died.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Ben Bradlee (editor) -- Dead. Dementia. Died October 21, 2014. Born August 26, 1921. Editor of the Washington Post during the Watergate years.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Marcia Strassman (actress) -- Dead. Breast cancer. Died October 24, 2014. Born April 28, 1948. Welcome Back Kotter, Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary


Brittany Maynard (Suicide six months after getting a terminal brain cancer diagnosis) -- Dead. Died November 1, 2014. Born November 19, 1984. Became an advocate for assisted suicide after getting a terminal cancer diagnosis and moving to Oregon.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Tom Magliozzi (car guy) -- Dead. Alzheimer's Died November 3, 2014. Born June 28, 1937. An MIT grad who became a car mechanic, earned a Ph.d. in Marketing and fell into being an NPR star of Car Talk.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Richard Schaal (actor) -- Dead. Died November 4, 2014. Born May 5, 1928. Once a member of Second City, he went on to do lots of bit parts, including Slaughterhouse Five, Phyllis and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, first husband of Valerie Harper.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

R. A. Montgomery (writer/publisher/educator) -- Dead. Died November 9, 2014. Born circa 1936. Educator who published and wrote many Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

Carol Ann Susi ("Howard!") -- Dead. Cancer. Died November 11, 2014. Born February 2, 1952. Theater actress, bit part player on many TV shows, Kolchak's secretary on The Night Stalker, but best-"not seen" as Howard Wolowitz's mother on The Big Bang Theory.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mike Nichols (director) -- Dead. Died November 20, 2014. Born November 6, 1931. Emmy/Grammy/Oscar/Tony-award-winning director, best-known for The Graduate, Working Girl, Primary Colors, directed the original production of Spamalot, married for the last 26 years of his life to journalist Diane Sawyer. Started off as the comic partner of Elaine May and was part of Second City.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary


Ken Weatherwax (child actor/set builder) -- Dead. Died December 7, 2014. Born September 29, 1955. Pugsley on TV's The Addams Family, nephew of Ruby Keeler.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Mary Ann Mobley (actress, singer) -- Dead. Breast Cancer. Died December 9, 2014. Born February 17, 1939. A former Miss America who went on to be a TV actress and a popular game show participant, married to Gary Collins for nearly 45 years, died only 5 days before "fellow" Miss America Bess MyersonHome Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Bess Myerson (game show panelist) -- Dead. Died December 14, 2014. Born July 16, 1924. Still the only Jewish Miss America, she later worked on TV and for New York politicians, involved in some public scandals in the '80s, died only 5 days after "fellow" Miss America Mary Ann Mobley.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Christine Cavanaugh (voice) -- Dead. Died December 22, 2014. Born August 16, 1963. Voiced Babe the Pig in the Babe movies and Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory.  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Joe Cocker (rocker) -- Dead. Lung cancer Died December 22, 2014. Born May 20, 1944. Raspy-voiced singer who performed at Woodstock, best-known for "With a Little Help from my Friends," "You Are So Beautiful," and "Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong" (duet with Jennifer Warnes).  Home Page  twitter  IMDb  Obituary

Luise Rainer (actress) -- Dead. Died December 30, 2014. Born January 12, 1910. First person to win consecutive Oscars for The Good Earth and The Great Ziegfeld in the late '30s, appeared in the Oscar reunion segment 1998.  Home Page  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

Edward Herrmann (actor) -- Dead. Brain cancer. Died December 31, 2014. Born July 21, 1943. Played Franklin Roosevelt in the '70s, GIlmore Girls, many bit parts in movies and TV.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  Obituary

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