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January 25-January 31

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (astronomer, author) -- Dead. Died January 29, 2015. Born May 10, 1900. First person to figure out what the universe was really made of, eventually became the first female tenured professor at Harvard University.  Home Page  twitter  Obituary

November 2-November 8

Ray Magliozzi (car guy) -- Alive. Born March 30, 1949. An MIT grad who became a car mechanic and fell into being an NPR star of Car Talk.  Home Page  twitter  IMDb

July 6-July 12

Rosanna Carter (actress) -- Alive(?) Born September 20, 1918. Judge Brown in She Devil, sister of Esther Rolle and Estelle Evans. [[Rosanna Carter is one of the few people I can't find a definite status of. Some sites report that she died in 2001, but others do not so she may still be alive.]]  twitter  IBDB  IMDb

Estelle Evans (teacher/actress) -- Dead. Died July 20, 1985. Born October 1, 1906. Calpurnia in To Kill a Mockingbird, Sarah in The Learning Tree, taught acting for many years, eldest sister of Esther Rolle and Rosanna Carter.  twitter  IBDB  IMDb  FindAGrave