Noreascon III Final Schedule

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9:00 PM

Late Night Filking, Hilton 2nd floor



Should We Kill the Worldcon Before it Kills Us?, H310
Jane Dennis (M), Pam Fremon, Mike Glyer, Priscilla Olson

The Little Mermaid, Ballroom C

Furry Fandom - What's it all About?,S-Dalton
Fred Patten

12:30 PM

Faeries, Ballroom C

1:00 PM

Club SF: Cruel and Unusual Program Items - great ideas, and why they weren't used, H210
Scott Dennis (M), Philip Jennings, Priscilla Olson, Edie Stern

The Development of the National Aerospace Plane, H303
Michael Taylor

The Sociology of Fandom, H305
Moshe Feder, Sandra Miesel, Andi Shechter, Fran Skene (M)

How to avoid being a BNF & why it's a good idea, H310
Guy H. Lillian III, Craig Miller, Joe Siclari, Willie Siros (M)

Cliches - nuked society goes stoneage, H312
Richard Knaak, Kathe Koja, R. A. Lafferty, Barry B. Longyear (M), Timothy Zahn

Flash Gordon, Episode 1, Ballroom C

Artwork with Messages, S-Ind C+W
N. Taylor Blanchard, Bob Eggleton (M), David Mattingly

1:30 PM

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Ballroom C

2:00 PM

Computer networking: what's going on?, H206
Saul Jaffe, Chuq von Rospach, Ben Yalow (M)

Club SF: So, You Want to Be A Panelist? - a Moderator's Workshop, H210
Debbie Notkin, Tom Whitmore

Payload Systems: Private Industries in Space, H303
Brian Lichtenberg

The Works of Fritz Leiber, H305
John M. Ford (M), Beth Meacham, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Author's Forum: Jack Chalker, H310
Jack Chalker

Legal concepts in sf and fantasy, H311
Michael Benveniste, Rick Katze (M), Elizabeth Moon

The ever-popular "how to get your first book published" panel, H312
Carmen Carter, Janet Kagan, J.F. Rivkin, Dean Wesley Smith (M), Janny Wurts

Horror in SF/SF in Horror - Baltimore Horror Society, S-Dalton
John Freyer, Eleanor Green, Sharon Landrum, Gary Svehla, Susan Svehla, Joseph Szczepanick

Boskone Retrospective Slide Show - and how it was produced, S-Ind C+W
David Dyer-Bennet, Sally Martin, Scott Robinson

3:00 PM

Why Good SF Sells, H206
Lou Aronica, Lois McMaster Bujold, Pat LoBrutto (M), Brian Thomsen, Toni Weisskopf

Club SF: Why are we all here? - a "Conoholic" tells all!, H210
Laurie Mann (M)

SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life continues..., H302
Glen Chapman, Chan Davis, Charles R. Pellegrino

The Lunar Polar Orbiter, H303
Bill Higgins

The NY SF Review revue, H305
Greg Cox, Kathryn Cramer, David Hartwell (M), Susan Palwick, Gordon Van Gelder

Slide show: The decline and fall of practically everyone, H309
Jay Kay Klein (M)

SF Criticism Through the Ages, H310
Thomas D. Clareson, Elizabeth Anne Hull (M), Bradford Lyau

The Loss of Genetic Diversity, H311
Gwenyth E. Hood, Priscilla Olson, Samuel Scheiner (M), Amy Thomson

First Fandom Speaks (does anyone listen anymore?), H312
Forrest J Ackerman, David A. Kyle (M), Bob Madle, Art Widner

7 Faces of Dr. Lao, Ballroom B

King Kong, Ballroom C

Art as a narrative form, S-Ind E
David Lee Anderson, Michael Whelan

Promotion - How to do it!, S-Ind C+W
Ashley D. Grayson (M), Susan Honeck, Jean Longyear, Karl JM Martin, Muff Musgrave, Jim Odbert

4:00 PM

Mental Floss - Emotional Hygiene to Help Writers & Artists Stay Sane, H206
Richard Bowker, Michael F. Flynn, Thomas Kidd (M), David Mattingly, Mickey Zucker Reichert

Club SF: If it hadn't been for SF, where would you be today?, H210
Ginjer Buchanan (M), Claire Eddy, Gary Farber, Jane Jewell

The Writers Strike Back - Writers Review Critics, H302
George Alec Effinger, Kathe Koja, Sandra Miesel, Lewis Shiner, Susan Shwartz (M)

Coming From NAL, H303
John Silbersack

The Importance of the Golden Age of SF, H304/6
Ian Ballantine, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Milton A. Rothman, Joe Siclari, Willie Siros (M)

The Future of Politics, H309
J.R. Dunn, Richard Dutcher (M), Scott Green, Andi Shechter

Specialty Conventions, H310
Bryan Barrett, Robert Colby, Steve Jackson, Devra Langsam (M), Bob Webber

Solar Sails - for Real!, H311
Claus Heist, Robin Rusis, Jim Simington

Computers and People, H312
Bruce Bethke, Aron Insinga (M), Robert Sears, Jon Singer, Marc Stiegler

Up from the Gutter - Science Fiction as Literature, S-Ind E
Janice Eisen (M), Kathleen Meyer, Resa Nelson

Working With Acrylics - a slideshow, S-Ind C+W
David Cherry

4:30 PM

Flash Gordon, episode 2, Ballroom C

Reading - W. Michael Gear, S-Clarendon B
W.Michael Gear

5:00 PM

Are these the Crazy Years?, H206
Jack Chalker, John Maddox Roberts (M), Allen M. Steele, S.M. Stirling

Club SF: Next 100 years in the sea, H210
Charles R. Pellegrino

The Future of Gay People, H303
Lisa Barnett, Franklin Hummel (M), Martin Wixted

The Business of Hollywood, H304/6
Terry Erdmann

Alternatives to Bookstores - the bookclub, supermarket shelves, etc., H305
Moshe Feder, Peter Heck, Jean Longyear (M)

What is This Thing Called..."Filk"?, H309
T.J. Burnside Clapp, Marc Glasser (M), Bill Roper, Mary Ellen Wessels, Paul Willett

Literary Incest - Are You Reading fourth generation novels?, H310
James Patrick Kelly (M), John J. Kessel, Kathe Koja, Claudia O'Keefe

Slide Show, H311
Art Widner

The Future of Children, H312
Lois McMaster Bujold, Esther Friesner, Robin Nakkula, Donald Wismer, Gene Wolfe (M)

Willow(Hugo Nominee), Ballroom B

Terror of Tiny Town, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Eric Vinicoff

Reading, S-Hampton
Judith Tarr

Luna in '01: Hoax bids I'd like to see, S-Ind E
Seth Breidbart, Tony Lewis, Neil Rest, Joe Siclari (M)

The History of SF Art: A look at the evolution of an art form., S-Ind C+W
Paul Clift, Michael Whelan

5:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Bruce Coville

6:00 PM

Speech: David Kyle, H206
David A. Kyle

Club SF: Ambassadors from the Deep Blue Sea (YA), H210
Debra Spencer

Computer Networks & Viruses: How close are Neuromancer & Shockwave Rider?, H302
Saul Jaffe (M), Richard Stallman, Chuq von Rospach, Ben Yalow

How to Date an Alien (Sex on other planets), H304/6
Gardner Dozois, James Patrick Kelly, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, Larry Niven, Bill Rotsler (M), Lucius Shepard

Questar Presents, H305
Brian Thomsen

21 Years - we're finally legal, H309
Charles N. Brown, Tony Lewis

Worldbuilding and Costuming, H310
Sarah Goodman, Melissa Scott

First Contact, H311
A. C. Crispin, W.Michael Gear, Leo Giroux, Jr., Aline Boucher Kaplan, Mark Keller (M)

Social Changes and communication technology, H312
Michael A. Banks, David Dyer-Bennet, Cheryl Franklin, Marc Stiegler (M), Timothy Zahn

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Sharon Lee

Professional art associations: are they useful?, S-Ind E
David Cherry, Bob Walters

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Charles Lang

6:15 PM

Metropolis, Ballroom C

6:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Steve Miller

Reading, S-Hampton
Emma Bull

7:00 PM

Club SF: YA Forum#1, H210
Debra Spencer

Cute Aliens - Kill Them Now, H302
Roger MacBride Allen, Mark J. Ferrari, Barry B. Longyear, Lex Nakashima, Darrell Schweitzer (M)

What to do until Worldcon comes: the regional SF conventions, H303
Todd Dashoff, Jane Dennis (M), Janice Gelb, Fran Skene

Past World Con Chairs tell how they lived through it, H305
Jack C. Haldeman II, Tony Lewis (M), Ross Pavlac, Leslie Turek

Fan History: a Dying Discipline, H309
Forrest J Ackerman, Gary Farber, Bruce Pelz (M), Joe Siclari, Tom Whitmore

The Quest - for adulthood, self-identity, etc., H310
J.D. Macdonald (M), John Maddox Roberts, Josepha Sherman, Tad Williams, Gene Wolfe

Superheroes, Armageddon, and all that, H312
Chris S. Claremont, Janet L. Hetherington (M), Steve Saffel, Joe Sanders, Will Shetterly, Len Wein

Alien Nation(Hugo Nominee), Ballroom B

Reading, S-Clarendon A
John Gregory Betancourt

Reading, S-Hampton
Jack Chalker

Music Theory for Filkers, S-Ind E
Crystal Hagel

Meet the Fanzine Artists, S-Ind C+W
Teddy Harvia, Stu Shiffman, Steve Stiles (M)

8:00 PM

Club SF: Filk mini-Concert, H210
Kathy Mar, Mike Stein, Mary Ellen Wessels

Pain, H309
Dafydd ab Hugh, Walter Breen, Richard Lee Byers, Jean Lorrah, Karl Edward Wagner (M)

The Wicker Man, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Lawrence Watt-Evans

Reading, S-Hampton
Esther Friesner

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Ruth Sanderson

8:30 PM

Anniversary Party, Auditorium
Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine, Pat Cadigan, Louis Russell Chauvenet, Hal Clement, Chan Davis, Andre Norton, G. Timothy Orrok, Robert D. Swisher, Art Widner

9:00 PM

SF and Power Relationships: How does the Literature treat gender, poverty, etc., H302
A.J. Austin (M), Gordon R. Dickson, Shariann Lewitt, Melissa Scott, S.M. Stirling

Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry, H303
Terry A. Garey, David C. Kopaska-Merkel (M), Jonathan V. Post, Lee Barwood

Reading - K. Rusch, S-Clarendon A
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

9:30 PM

Beetlejuice(Hugo Nominee), Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, episode 3, Ballroom C

10:00 PM

The History of Horror, H206
Kathryn Cramer (M), Craig Shaw Gardner, David Hartwell, Joe Sanders

Club SF: Storytelling, H210
Jane Yolen

Major scientific discoveries of the 21st century, H302
Arlan Andrews (M), Hal Clement, John Cramer

Fannish Cultures: Real and/or put-on?, H305
Eli Cohen, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Jim Young (M)

The Odd Couple: SF & comic books - why now?, H309
Chris S. Claremont, Matthew J. Costello, John M. Ford (M), Jim Groat, Steve Saffel

Pornography of the Future - what will it be?, H310
Steven Barnes, Alex Jablokow, Janet Kagan, Laurie Mann, Bill Rotsler (M)

Famous Writers' School of Silly Cat Stories returns..., H311
Janet Morris (M), Mark Rogers, Joel Rosenberg, Tad Williams

The Last Wave, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Karl Edward Wagner

Reading, S-Hampton
Roger MacBride Allen

Late Night Filking, Hilton 2nd floor

11:00 PM

Club SF: Selections from the Boston Japanimation SocietyH210

Fan Gossip Networks, H303
Laurie Mann (M), Lee Orlando, Chuq von Rospach

The Pschological Aspects of Horror: Being Scared to Death, H305
Bernadette Bosky (M), Edward Bryant, Richard Lee Byers, Charles Lang

Reading - F. G. MacIntyre, S-Clarendon A
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre

If This Goes On..., S-Ind C+W
Mark Keller

11:30 PM

Buckaroo Banzai, Ballroom B



Company of Wolves, Ballroom B


WSFS Business Meeting, Friday Edition, H311


Space Organizations' Round Table, H206

Little Block of Horrors: Creative Blocks for Writers and Artists, H302
Richard Bowker (M), Jack C. Haldeman II, Richard Knaak, Barry B. Longyear, Eric Vinicoff

Images of Hypnotism in SF, H303
Christine ab Hugh, Paul Neitzke

SF in Japan, H305
David Hartwell (M), Kiyoshi Imaoka, Masamichi Ohsako, Takumi Shibano, Takayuki Tatsumi

Whales: Journey Into Ocean Space, H309
Llewylla Hillis Colinvaux

Stage Presentation, H310
Janet Wilson Anderson, Jaqui Ward, Julie Zetterberg

Creationism, Educationalism, & the End of the U.S. Space Program, H312
Hal Clement (M), Arthur Hlavaty, Judy T. Lazar, Milton A. Rothman

Reading, S-Beacon D
Nancy Springer

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Melinda Snodgrass

Reading & Forum - Glen Cook, S-Hampton
Glen Cook

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Stephen Hickman


Reading, S-Clarendon B
Paula Robinson


Dark Fantasy - is it just another name for horror?, H206
Scott Ciencin, Matthew J. Costello, Bruce Coville, Leo Giroux, Jr., Tappan King (M)

The evolution of intelligence, H302
Dr. Paul Colinvaux

Daw Books Presents, H303
Sheila Gilbert, Betsy Wollheim

What Intelligent Computers might really be like, H304/6
Jayge Carr, David Dyer-Bennet (M), Eileen Gunn, Marc Stiegler

Everyday Life with Technology, H309
Janet Kagan, Paula Robinson, Connie Willis, Dr. Milton T. Wolf (M)

Space Ship Experimental: Cheap Access to Space, H310
Steve Hazier, Max Hunter, Robert C. Richardson, Henry Vanderbelt

Alright, I'm an Anglophile - so sue me, H312
John M. Ford, Terri Windling, Heather Wood (M), Jane Yolen

Reading, S-Beacon D
Lillian Stewart Carl

Autograph Session - Andre Norton (1 hour), S-Beacon F
Andre Norton

Ballroom A Andre Norton's influence on young fans,
A. C. Crispin, Patricia Mathews, Susan Shwartz (M), Joan Vinge

Gnomes, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Suzy McKee Charnas

Don't Myth Out - Mythadventures Fans meeting, S-Dalton
Richard M. Hallock, Brin-Marie Landerman, Kevin Standlee, Erlinda Stiller

Reading, S-Hampton
Craig Shaw Gardner

Art Disasters - My Worst Painting, S-Ind E
N. Taylor Blanchard, Patricia Davis, Barclay Shaw, Michael Whelan (M)

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W

SF Slide Making - for kids!, S-Liberty C
Charlene Taylor

Skaith game playing, Hi-Washington
Steffan O'Sullivan


ConCourse Autographs
Catherine Crook de Camp, L. Sprague de Camp, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, Darrell Schweitzer

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Janny Wurts


Alternate History stories, H206
Victor Raymond, Melissa Scott, Stu Shiffman (M), S.M. Stirling

Science Fiction's Hits and Misses - predicting the future, H302
Bill Higgins (M), Ken Meltsner, John Maddox Roberts

Baen books to come, H303
Toni Weisskopf

Remembering SF pulps, H304/6
Ian T. Macauley (M), Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson

The Nature of the Beast in Other Lands: Fandom in Europe, H305
Kathryn Cramer, John-Henri Holmberg, Jay Kay Klein, Pascal Thomas, Kees Van Toorn (M)

The male/female backlash in sf and fantasy, H309
Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress (M), Will Shetterly, Susan Shwartz, Judith Tarr

Do It Again - the pains (and pleasures?) of rewriting, H310
Grant Carrington, Diane Duane, Shelley Frier, Chris Miller (M), Lucius Shepard, Melissa Ann Singer

Strange Sources for Stories, H311
John Barnes, Steven Barnes, R. A. Lafferty, Evangeline Walton, Donald Wismer (M)

Creative Packaging, H312
Susan Allison (M), Ellen Asher, Betty Ballantine, Peter Heck, Byron Preiss

Autographs, ConCourse
W.Michael Gear, Elizabeth Moon, Joel Rosenberg, Walter Jon Williams

Reading, S-Beacon D
Sharon Baker

Working in Movies: Screaming Potatoe Productions, S-Beacon E
Jan Fennick, Mary Jaras, Karl JM Martin

Ballroom A SpaceWar! What would it REALLY be like?,
David Brin, Paula Lieberman, Janet Morris (M)

When Worlds Collide, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
James Morrow

Acoustic Guitar and Electric Auto-Harp Workshop (2 hours), S-Constitution
Duane Elms, Karen Rodger

Dorothy Dunnet Fans meeting, S-Dalton

Reading, S-Hampton
Julian May

Color in Cover Art, S-Ind E
Armand Cabrera, A. C. Farley (M), Jael, Don Maitz

Art slide show: Buckthorn Studios, S-Ind C+W
Douglas Beekman

Lace Making Workshop, S-Republic Foyer
Fuzzy (Marilyn) Pink Niven

12:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Aline Boucher Kaplan, Joel Rosenberg, Josepha Sherman, Jane Yolen

Reading - Leo Giroux Jr., S-Clarendon B
Leo Giroux, Jr.

1:00 PM

"Shut up, it's Traditional!": Conservatism in Fandom, H206
Robbie Cantor, Sarah Goodman, Andi Shechter (M), Jon Singer

H210 (Club SF) Belly Dancing seminar,
Wendy Alexander

What will life in the future really be like?, H302
David Brin, Jayge Carr, John F. Moore, Chris Morris, Milton A. Rothman (M)

Hypermedia, H303
Rick Cook, Michael F. Flynn, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Stanley Schmidt (M), Marc Stiegler

Creating (really) strange new worlds, H304/6
Roger MacBride Allen (M), Gregory Benford, Hal Clement, Dean Ing

Fit to Print? - Fannish News 'Zines, H305
John D. Berry (M), Mike Glyer, Mark Owings

Ballantine's authors - the works of Blish, H309
Algis Budrys, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

Rehashing the Same Plot: Valid or Not?, H310
Claire Eddy (M), Karen Haber, Pat LoBrutto, Claire Wolf

What Editors Face: The Realities of Marketing and Distribution, H311
Lou Aronica, Tom Doherty (M), John Silbersack, Ellen Steiber, Brian Thomsen

Humor and Satire in SF, H312
Bradley Denton, R. A. Lafferty, Barry B. Longyear, Don Sakers, Connie Willis (M)

Autographs, ConCourse
Emma Bull, Mike Resnick, Mark Rogers, Jane Yolen

Stunts in the Movies, S-Beacon E
Scott Rhodes

Universal Studios presentation: Dark Manand Back to the Future II, Ballroom A

Radiation and Society, Ballroon
Rosalyn Yalow

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Susan Palwick

Your First Convention: What's Going on Around Here?, ConCourse
Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin

Reading, S-Hampton
Gordon R. Dickson

Fantasy Art and Design, S-Ind E
Thomas Canty, Jody A. Lee, Dawn Wilson (M)

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
David Mattingly

Art Demo: Colored pencils, S-Liberty C
Mark J. Ferrari, Robin Wood

1:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Scott Ciencin, Mike Resnick, Tad Williams, Donald Wismer

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Jack C. Haldeman II

2:00 PM

Ballantine's authors - the works of Theodore Sturgeon, H206
A. C. Crispin, Janet Kagan, Debbie Notkin (M)

H210 (Club SF) Ask Dr. Mike,
John M. Ford

Gonzo Fantasy, H302
Ginjer Buchanan (M), John DeChancie, Robert A. Metzger, Terry Pratchett

On Being Fans and Academics, H303
Thomas D. Clareson, Elizabeth Anne Hull

The Best New Fantasy Writers, H304/6
Sandra Miesel (M), Andre Norton, Jane Yolen

What's a Fanzine, Anyway?, H305
Nancy Atherton, John D. Berry (M), Ken Josenhans, Elaine Stiles

Literary Filk, H309
Lee Gold, Kathy Ring, Roberta Rogow, Brenda Sutton, Karen Willson (M)

What Do Managing Editors Do?, H310
Anne Jordan, Tappan King, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Sheila Williams (M)

The 60 Hour Grind: Writing, Drawing & Holding Down a Fulltime Job, H311
Chris Barkley, Pat Cadigan, Glen Cook, Janice Gelb (M), J.D. Macdonald

No More Great Barbarians?, H312
L. Sprague de Camp, Peter Morwood, Jennifer Roberson, John Maddox Roberts (M), Karl Edward Wagner

Autographs, ConCourse
Jack Chalker, Michael Jan Friedman, Frederik Pohl, Michael Swanwick

S-Beacon D

Jittlov/Kaye Productions presentation: current and future products, Ballroom A

Sheldon Glashow speech, Ballroom B
Dr. Sheldon Glashow

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Elizabeth Moon

APA-VCR meeting, S-Dalton

Reading - C.J. Cherryh, S-Hampton
C.J. Cherryh

Caring For Your Art collection, S-Ind E
Bob Eggleton, Jane Fancher, Ingrid Neilson (M), Jim Odbert

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Real Musgrave

2:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Jack Chalker, Bruce Coville, Gwenyth E. Hood, Frederik Pohl

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Elaine Bergstrom

3:00 PM

Does Technology Hurt or Help the Environment, H206
Dean Ing (M), James P. Killus, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Robin Nakkula

H210 (Club SF) Palace of Passion,
Esther Friesner, Susan Shwartz, Jane Yolen

War Porn - how notto do military SF, H302
Roger MacBride Allen, Jim Baen (M), Lois McMaster Bujold, Joel Rosenberg

Preparing for Your First Masquerade, H303
Jan howard finder

Galactic disasters in SF, H304/6
John Cramer, Larry Niven, Charles Sheffield, David Zindell (M)

What's Up at Ace?, H305
Susan Allison, Ginjer Buchanan, Beth Fleisher

Mindless Mush - Why I like it!, H309
Emma Bull, Steven Gould, Mark Owings (M), Allen M. Steele, Allen L. Wold

Slide show: Old conventions, H310
Julius Schwartz

The Envelope please - what films were nominated, and why, H311
Edward Bryant, Matthew J. Costello, Craig Miller, Lee Orlando (M)

Fantasy Style-what is and isn't appropriate?, H312
Lillian Stewart Carl, Patricia A. McKillip, Judith Tarr, Gene Wolfe, Patricia C. Wrede (M)

Autographs, ConCourse
Grant Carrington, Jack McDevitt, Chuck Rothman, Don Sakers

Christian Fandom meeting, S-Beacon D

Voice Workshop for Filkers (3 hours), S-Beacon E
Linda Melnick, Carol Roper, Bill Sutton (M)

Columbia Pictures presentation: Total Recall, based on Philip K. Dick's "I Can Remember It for you Wholesale", Ballroom A

Embodying Scientific Knowledge: the CUSL Project, Ballroom B
Gerald Feinberg

Flash Gordon, episode 4, Ballroom C

Reading - William F. Wu, S-Clarendon A
William F. Wu

General Technics Meeting, S-Dalton
Bill Higgins

Reading, S-Hampton
Joe Haldeman

Woman Artists, S-Ind E
Darlene Coltrain, Pat Morrissey, Wendy Snow-Lang (M), Dixie Walker, Robin Wood

Slide show: A.C. Farley, S-Ind C+W
A. C. Farley

Art demo: Sculpy, S-Republic Foyer
Joe Mayhew

3:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Ellen Datlow, James Patrick Kelly, Lee Barwood, Lewis Shiner

Forbidden Planet, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

4:00 PM

What Makes a Good Hero?, H206
Suzy McKee Charnas, Christopher Hinz (M), Terry Pratchett, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz

Club SF: Smoflohoma!- a Musical Comedy by the remnants of Discon 3..., H210

Build an Alternate History, H302
Mark Keller, Sandra Miesel, Stu Shiffman, Harry Turtledove (M)

SF of the 60s, H303
Thomas D. Clareson, Frederik Pohl

My Worst Story - and why I wrote it, H304/6
John Gregory Betancourt, Darrell Schweitzer (M), Christopher Stasheff, Lawrence Watt-Evans

Academic Program: 3 talks, H305
Steve Carper, Bradford Lyau, Joe Sanders

The Future of Graphic Novels, H309
Chris S. Claremont (M), Moshe Feder, Todd Cameron Hamilton, Larry Hancock, Steve Saffel, Len Wein

What is the difference between literary criticism and review?, H310
Algis Budrys, S. T. Joshi, George "Lan" Laskowski (M), Gordon Van Gelder

Why Bother - cultural pessimism in near-future sf, H311
George Alec Effinger, Barry N. Malzberg, Betsy Mitchell, Robert Silverberg (M)

More Alien Linguistics, H312
Sheila Finch (M), Jerrie W. Hurd, Barry B. Longyear, Mary Frances Zambreno

Autographs, ConCourse
Ben Bova, Richard Knaak, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Lucius Shepard

Ballroom A Marketing a Film,
Terry Erdmann, Dave McDonnell, Jeff Walker

On Artificial Intelligence, Ballroom B
Marvin Minsky

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Dean Ing

Reading - John M. Ford, S-Hampton
John M. Ford

What Was in My Portfolio when I first started out?, S-Ind E
N. Taylor Blanchard (M), A. C. Farley, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Michael Whelan

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Jim Gurney

Art demo: Airbrush, S-Republic Foyer
Armand Cabrera, Paul Clift, Ron Walotsky

4:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Ben Bova, Scott Green, Eileen Gunn, Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Will Shetterly

5:00 PM

What's In a Name?, H206
Bruce Coville, Michael Jan Friedman, Roberta Gellis (M), Nancy Springer, Judith Tarr

H210 (Club SF) Ms. Manners Goes to a Con,
Maia Cowan, Mary Kay Jackson

Happy Endings Stink, H302
Rick Hautala, Philip Jennings (M), Janet Morris, Karl Edward Wagner

What Does Fandom have to do with growing up?, H303
Chan Davis, Joyce Scrivner, Elaine Stiles (M), Toni Weisskopf

How to Write Magic, H304/6
Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, Elise Krueger (M), Elizabeth Moon, Joel Rosenberg, Jane Yolen

My Ghod! - We've created a Monster! - Changes in the Masquerades 1968 to now, H305
Bruce Pelz, Mike Resnick, Drew Sanders

10% off the top: SF literary agents, H309
Joshua Bilmes, Patrick Delahunt, Ashley D. Grayson, Donald Maass (M), Eleanor Wood

So Many Books, So Little Time - How To Be a Better Reader, H310
Fred Lerner, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Amy Thomson (M)

Short Fiction of 1988 - The best stuff, H311
William Battista, Algis Budrys, Gardner Dozois, D. Douglas Fratz, Martha Soukup (M)

7 Samurai, Magnificent 7 & Battle Beyond the Stars: what makes them the same?, H312
Edward Bryant (M), Mark Leeper, Jim Mann, Darrell Schweitzer

Autographs, ConCourse
Elaine Bergstrom, Christopher Fahy, Leo Giroux, Jr., William F. Wu

Ballroom A Science Education,
Hal Clement, Tim Kyger (M), Monty Wells, Rosalyn Yalow

Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, episode 5, Ballroom C

Reading - A.C. Crispin, S-Clarendon A
A. C. Crispin

Reading, S-Hampton
Walter Jon Williams

The Artist and the Writer, S-Ind E
Todd Cameron Hamilton, Byron Preiss (M), Mark Rogers, Terri Windling

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
David Cherry

Art Demo: Acrylics, S-Liberty C
David Lee Anderson

5:30 PM

The Andromeda Strain, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Harry Turtledove

6:00 PM

Which Witch World, H206
Lisa Evans, Sharleen Lambard, Sasha Miller (M)

Masquerade Slide Show, H302
Matthew Alschuler

Will the Future be Marxist?, H303
John Barnes, Richard Dutcher (M), H. Bruce Franklin

What if super science were true?, H304/6
Roger MacBride Allen, Sheila Finch, Michael Jan Friedman, Ken Meltsner (M)

From Fandom to Prodom, H305
Dafydd ab Hugh, Alexis Gilliland (M), Jane Jewell, Thomas Kidd, Toni Weisskopf

Why I read/write "YA" books (and why you shoud, too), H309
Susan Casper, Debra Doyle, Devra Langsam (M), Rhondi Vilott Salsitz, Fran Skene, Patricia C. Wrede

Girls Shouldn't Play With Swords, H310
Esther Friesner, Jennifer Roberson (M), Madeleine Robins, Lee Barwood, Melissa Ann Singer

Author's Forum: David Brin, H311
David Brin

The Earth From Space, H312
Charles Sheffield

Ballroom A Nanotechnology and Biotechnology: Looking to the Future,
Jayge Carr, Eileen Gunn, Jeff Hecht, Robert A. Metzger (M)

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Timothy Zahn

Reading, S-Hampton
Ben Bova

The collector's eye: how to collect art, S-Ind E
Rick Katze (M), Joe Mayhew, Ingrid Neilson

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Robin Wood

Sabbath Services, S-Liberty C

Art demo: Matt Cutting, S-Republic Foyer
Wendy Snow-Lang

6:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
James P. Killus

7:00 PM

Peace - Human Fantasy or Possiblity?, H206
Pat Cadigan, Sherry Gershon Gottlieb (M), James Morrow, Paul O. Williams

Club SF: Filk One-Shots, H210

What's Wrong With Me, anyway - why I can't write about the real world, H302
Sharon Baker, John DeChancie, Kathe Koja, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (M), Allen L. Wold

Married to a..., H303
Felicia Herman (M), Philip Heslin, Jean Longyear, Lauren Mills, Muff Musgrave

"Conventional Behavior" - a play by Jeralyn Horton, H305

Improvisational Comedy workshop, H304/6
Bill Roper

Are collecting books and reading books compatable?, H309
Bryan Barrett (M), Lloyd Currey, Steve Miller, Sam Moskowitz

SF bloopers: what's new beyond "Ringworld is unstable", H311
Jonathan V. Post, Jon Singer (M), Eric Vinicoff, David Zindell

Do men and women write differently/about different things, etc., H312
Bernadette Bosky (M), Nicola Griffith, Peter Morwood

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Melanie Rawn

What's in Your Sketchbook?, S-Ind E
Mark J. Ferrari (M), Darrell K. Sweet, Mel White

Symbolism & the unconscious in fantasy art, S-Ind C+W
Mary Hanson-Roberts, Dennis Nolan, Lucy A. Synk, Ron Walotsky, Dawn Wilson (M)

Art demo: Pen & Ink, S-Republic Foyer
Merle Insinga

7:30 PM

Chesley Awards, H310
David Cherry

Who Framed Roger Rabbit(Hugo Nominee), Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, episode 6, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Chris S. Claremont

8:00 PM

Constructive Criticism, H302
Edward Bryant (M), Alex Jablokow, Jack McDevitt, Claudia O'Keefe, Connie Willis

Colossus: the Forbin Project, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Don Sakers

What Good Are Art Shows Anyway?, S-Ind E
Terry Gish, Susan Honeck, Dixie Walker

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Don Maitz

8:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Delia Sherman

SF Tonite, Auditorium
Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine, Hal Clement, Tom Doherty, Mike Glyer, Tappan King, Andre Norton, Frederik Pohl, Susan Shwartz, Tom Whitmore, Art Widner, Heather Wood

9:00 PM

An APA a Day..., H305
Ginnie Fleming (M), Marc Glasser, Guy H. Lillian III, Fred Patten, Sarah Prince

Reading, S-Clarendon A
David Ross

Louis Wu's Birthday Party - by Boxboro!, Hilton 2nd floor

Illustrators' In-Jokes, S-Ind E
Jim Gurney, Lex Nakashima (M), James Warhola

The SF art resale market - the controversy at conventions, S-Ind C+W
David Cherry, Rick Katze (M), Fuzzy (Marilyn) Pink Niven

9:15 PM

Big(Hugo Nominee), Ballroom B

9:30 PM

Reading - S.M. Stirling, S-Clarendon B
S.M. Stirling

9:45 PM

Fearless Vampire Killers, Ballroom C

10:00 PM

Writers talk about editors, H305
Lou Aronica (M), Deborah Turner Harris, Christopher Hinz, Lewis Shiner, Tad Williams

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Michael Swanwick

Late Night Filking, Hynes 3rd level

Prints Charming - Issues facing print buyers and sellers., S-Ind E
Thomas Canty, Charlene Taylor

Videotapes of Worldcon MasqueradesInternational Costumer's Guild suite, Sheraton

10:30 PM

Reading - J.M. Roberts, S-Clarendon B
John Maddox Roberts

11:00 PM

H210 (Club SF) ASFA Art Auction,
Jan howard finder

Ballroom A Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition,
Craig Shaw Gardner, Geary Gravel, James Patrick Kelly, Eric Van (M), Gene Wolfe

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Richard Lee Byers

11:15 PM

To Be Determined, Ballroom B

11:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Darrell Schweitzer



Cartoonists Jam, S-Ind C+W
Kurt Erichsen, Alexis Gilliland, Jim Groat, Teddy Harvia, Bill Rotsler, Mel White

1:15 am

To Be Determined, Ballroom B


Sabbath Services, S-Liberty C


WSFS Business Meeting, Saturday Edition, H311


Props - High-Tech and Low-Tech, H206
Gary Anderson, Deb Jones, Jim Kovalcin

Starting up a new Magazine, H302
John Gregory Betancourt, Jan Burke, Scott Edelman, Charles Ryan (M), Dean Wesley Smith

Avon Books Presents, H303
John Douglas, Chris Miller, Claire Wolf

Back to Byzantium - Eastern Influences are here!, H304/6
Lillian Stewart Carl, Brenda Clough, Susan Shwartz, Judith Tarr, Harry Turtledove (M)

Why Join SFWA?, H305
Craig Shaw Gardner, D. Alexander Smith (M), Martha Soukup

Slow Light: SF and Teaching Science, H309
John E. Stith

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in SF and Reality, H310
Hal Clement, Paul Evans Peters, Dr. Milton T. Wolf

Space Law, H312
Michael Bernard

Game Illustration and Design, S-Beacon D
Karl JM Martin, Tom Peters, Robin Wood

Ballroom A String Theory,
Dan Evens

1000 Ideas an Hour, Ballroom B
Orson Scott Card

Reading - C. Fahy, S-Clarendon A
Christopher Fahy

Reading, S-Hampton
Christopher Stasheff

Is it Illustration or is it Art?, S-Ind E
Larry Blamire, Darrell K. Sweet (M), Ron Walotsky, Dawn Wilson

Slide show: Patricia Davis & Mark Ferrari, S-Ind C+W
Patricia Davis, Mark J. Ferrari


Using SF to Teach the Behavioral Sciences, H309
Zelda Gilbert

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Grant Carrington


WildCards, H206
Edward Bryant, George R.R. Martin (M), Melinda Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams

More About Merlin, H302
John M. Ford (M), Evangeline Walton, Jane Yolen

Second Generation Pros, H303
Kathryn Cramer, Tappan King, Betsy Wollheim (M)

Funny Stuff in SF - the U.S. vs. the U.K., H304/6
Greg Cox (M), Sharon Farber, Esther Friesner, Terry Pratchett

Speech: Catherine deCamp - Elements of Genius in Robert E. Howard, H305
Catherine Crook de Camp

How to Research your story, H309
Sharon Baker, George Alec Effinger (M), Nicola Griffith, Jerrie W. Hurd, Mickey Zucker Reichert

"The Ultimate Weapon of American Science Fiction", H310
Martha A. Bartter, H. Bruce Franklin

Traits of a Starship Captain, H312
Gail Abend (M), Lois McMaster Bujold, A. C. Crispin, Sharon Lee, Marty Massoglia

Autographs, ConCourse
John Barnes, Chris S. Claremont, Kim Stanley Robinson, Eric Vinicoff

The Amber Game, Hi-Belvidere
Erich Wujcik

The author/illustrator, S-Beacon E
Stephen Hickman, Janny Wurts

Autograph Session - Andre Norton (1 hour), S-Beacon F
Andre Norton

Ballroom A Nuclear Power: Science Fiction or Public Catastrophe?,
Richard Wilson

Guest of Honor Speech - Ian and Betty Ballantine, Ballroom B
Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine

Quest, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Michael Jan Friedman

SFWA Auction, S-Constitution
Jan howard finder (M)

Shadowrun game playing, Hi-Grant
Jon Marcus

Reading, S-Hampton
Gene Wolfe

Portraiture, S-Ind
David Cherry (M), Frank Kelly Freas, Robin Wood

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Mark Rogers


Autographs, ConCourse
Scott Edelman, Delia Sherman, S.M. Stirling, Timothy Zahn

The Last Unicorn, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
John E. Stith


Greasy Kid Stuff - what was your favorite childhood book?, H206
Ellen Asher, Leo Giroux, Jr., Janet Kagan (M), Tad Williams, Claire Wolf

Bantam Books Presents, H301
Lou Aronica, Betsy Mitchell

Writers of the Witch World, H302
Patricia Mathews, Sasha Miller (M), Judith Tarr

How the Judges View You, H303
Janet Wilson Anderson, Jaqui Ward

Fantasy by Streetlights - Fantasy stories set in modern times, H304/6
Emma Bull, Esther Friesner, Richard Knaak, William F. Wu (M)

Technopropaganda and Filking, H305
Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Harold Groot, Bob Kanefsky, Jordin T. Kare (M), Mike Stein

Shapeshifters I have known and loved, H309
Jack Chalker, Debra Doyle, Jennifer Roberson, Lee Barwood, Josepha Sherman (M)

SF and the Press - Where do those reporters get their crazy ideas?, H310
A.J. Austin, Chris Barkley, Elaine Bergstrom, Gay Haldeman, Andrew Porter, Allen M. Steele (M)

The Art of editing, H311
Beth Meacham (M), Frederik Pohl

The New Classics, H312
Robert Colby, Alexis Gilliland, David Hartwell (M), Brad Linaweaver, Lewis Shiner

Autographs, ConCourse
Pamela Dean, Deborah Turner Harris, Charles Sheffield, Joan Vinge

Steve Jackson Games, Hi-Belvidere
Steve Jackson

Reading, S-Beacon D
Pat Cadigan

Gays in Comics, S-Beacon E
Franklin Hummel

Ballroom A Real Time Travel: Wormhole Physics,
John Cramer

The American Landscape in SF, Ballroom B
Martha A. Bartter, Orson Scott Card, Thomas D. Clareson (M), Paul O. Williams

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Connie Willis

Reading, S-Hampton
Barry B. Longyear

What's a Jupiter? - Art for the astronomically ignorant, S-Ind E
N. Taylor Blanchard, Armand Cabrera, Vincent DiFate, Bob Eggleton (M)

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Thomas Kidd

Modeling forms & textures for computer graphics & animation (workshop), S-Republic Foyer
Kurt E. Griffith

Amber gameplaying, Hi-Washington
Erich Wujcik

12:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Lillian Stewart Carl, James Morrow, John Maddox Roberts, Joan Vinge

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Jack McDevitt

Tarot Workshop, S-Dalton
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

1:00 PM

Our alien earth - alien places (and societies?) on Earth, H206
Jim Gurney, Barry N. Malzberg, Mike Resnick (M), Lucius Shepard, Amy Thomson

H210 (Club SF) Saturday Morning (SF?) Cartoons - the good ones,
Diane Duane, Jim Mann, Craig Miller (M), Fred Patten

Vampires and Homoeroticism, H302
Elaine Bergstrom, Franklin Hummel (M), Elise Krueger, Delia Sherman, Nancy Springer

Who's Who At Tor?, H303
Tom Doherty (M), Claire Eddy, Robert Legault, Beth Meacham, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Heather Wood

Kicking the Hobbit: The effects of JRRT's work on the field of fantasy., H304/6
Bruce Bethke, Phyllis Eisenstein, Jim Frenkel, Joel Rosenberg (M), Will Shetterly

The Artists of "Aboriginal SF", H305
Larry Blamire, Bob Eggleton, Charles Lang, Pat Morrissey, Charles Ryan (M), Cortney Skinner, Wendy Snow-Lang

The Future, Revisited - The Reprint Market, H309
Kathryn Cramer, Beth Fleisher, Kiyoshi Imaoka, Andrew Porter (M), Takumi Shibano

Warner Brothers: "The Making of Batman" and information on upcoming releases, Auditorium

Speech: L Sprague DeCamp: The Ape Man Within Us, H310
L. Sprague de Camp

The Future of Medicine, H311
Lois Mangan, Elizabeth Moon, Phil Nathanson, Myron Rapkin, Mickey Zucker Reichert (M), Paula Robinson

What would Fandom Be like today with no computers?, H312
Michael A. Banks, David Dyer-Bennet (M), Teddy Harvia, Saul Jaffe

Autographs, ConCourse
Roger MacBride Allen, Suzy McKee Charnas, George Alec Effinger, Jack C. Haldeman II

The Future of Computer Games, Hi-Belvidere
Corey Cole, Lori Cole, Noah Falstein (M), Robert Sears

Jewelry Making, S-Beacon E
Darlene Coltrain, Laurie Edison, Susan Honeck

Ballroom A John W. Campbell - fact or fiction?,
Ben Bova, Hal Clement, Moshe Feder (M), Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson

Ballroom B Speech - Isaac Asimov,
Isaac Asimov

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Martha Soukup

Show and Tell - The Bidding Exhibit, ConCourse
Joe Siclari

Reading, S-Hampton
Lois McMaster Bujold

How do you edit ART?, S-Ind E
Thomas Canty, Jody A. Lee, Patrick Nielsen Hayden (M), Terri Windling

Illustrated Improvisational Storytelling, S-Ind C+W
Pat Cadigan, James Patrick Kelly, Chuck Rothman, Jane Yolen (M)

1:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Orson Scott Card, Dean Ing, Patricia Kennealy, John J. Kessel

The Phantom Tollbooth, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Sheila Finch

2:00 PM

Evolution and the "ecological theater", H206
Rick Cook, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Robin Nakkula, Samuel Scheiner (M)

Club SF: Kandy Fong's Comedy Slide Show, H210
Kandy Fong

Grimmer than Thou, H302

Tales and Fantasy,
Dawn Wilson, Terri Windling (M), Allen L. Wold, Patricia C. Wrede

Academic Talks, H303
Pete Grubbs, John Hegenberger, Peggy Ihinger

Were the Good Old Days that Good?, H304/6
John V. Baltadonis, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Charles Hornig, Bob Madle, Sam Moskowitz, Julius Schwartz (M)

Indexing the future, H305
William Contento, Lloyd Currey, S. T. Joshi, Fred Lerner (M), Willie Siros

Sex, Death, and Other Star Trek Topics, H309
Boston Star Trek Assoc

20th Century Fox presentation: Millenium, Nightbreed, Exorcist 1990, Frankenstein Unbound, The Abyss, Auditorium

The art of computer design, H310
Kurt Baty, Allen Baum, Howard Davidson

What's My Blurb?, H311
Greg Cox (M), John Douglas, Peter Heck, Chris Miller

The Romance Genre and SF, H312
John F. Moore, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson (M), Madeleine Robins, Brian Thomsen

Autographs, ConCourse
Orson Scott Card, George R.R. Martin, Terry Pratchett, Melinda Snodgrass

FASA games, Hi-Belvidere
Jon Marcus

Reading, S-Beacon D
George Alec Effinger

Science Fiction Poetry meeting, S-Beacon E
Chuck Rothman

Ballroom A SF &, [BLEEP]censorship
Charles N. Brown (M), Ginjer Buchanan, Chan Davis, David Mattingly, Beth Meacham

Ballroom B Mars Needs Meercats!,
Jayge Carr, A. C. Crispin, Tom Doherty (M), Julian May, Andre Norton

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Pamela Dean

Reading, S-Hampton
Charles Sheffield

Illustrating Children's Books, S-Ind E
Gary Lippincott, Ruth Sanderson (M)

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Janny Wurts

Print-making techniques, S-Republic Foyer
Alicia Austin, Real Musgrave, Ingrid Neilson

2:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Alexis Gilliland, Joe Haldeman, George R.R. Martin, Terry Pratchett

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Patricia Mathews

3:00 PM

Why does William Blake so Fascinate F&SF Writers?, H206
James Patrick Kelly, John J. Kessel (M), Kim Stanley Robinson

Reading, H210
David Brin

See Space: Learn Japanese(?) Now! - The International Space Scene, H301
Space Representatives

Carmen Miranda in Space, H302
Lisa Barnett, Brenda Clough, Don Sakers (M), Melissa Scott, Toni Weisskopf

The Selling of SF Poetry, H303
Terry A. Garey, Scott Green, Anne Jordan, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, Chuck Rothman (M)

Slide show: The first 100 Ballantine Books, H304/6
Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine

Teaching SF, H305
Martha A. Bartter, Thomas D. Clareson, Joe Patrouch (M), Joe Sanders

Star Trek: The Which? Generation - A Comparison of Old and New Trek Fandom, H309
Gail Abend, Carmen Carter (M), A. C. Crispin, Michael Jan Friedman, Jean Lorrah

Amblin presentation: The Indiana Jones bloopers, Gremlins II, Back to the Future II, Spielberg's "Always," and other unique items, Auditorium
Frank Marshall

The Nuts and Bolts of Submission (of Stories...), H310
Joshua Bilmes, Joseph H. Delaney (M), Karen Haber, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Sheila Williams, Eleanor Wood

Bisexuality in Science Fiction and Fantasy, H311
Elise Krueger (M), Victor Raymond, J.F. Rivkin

The Ten Worst Ideas in SF, H312
Ellen Datlow, Michael F. Flynn, Jim Frenkel (M), Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Silverberg

Autographs, ConCourse
C.J. Cherryh, Esther Friesner, Joe Haldeman, Marc Stiegler

Role Playing Game Systems, Hi-Belvidere
Steve Jackson, Bob Traynor (M), Steve Winter

3D SF Art, S-Beacon D
Susan Honeck, Barclay Shaw, Cortney Skinner

Lojban, S-Beacon E

Ballroom A Publish, perish, or call the Globe? Did Mr. Fusion hit the press toosoon?,
Stephen R. Cooper, John Cramer, Jeff Hecht (M), Robin Roberts

Religions of the Future, Ballroom B
Orson Scott Card, Jeffrey A. Carver, Barry B. Longyear, James Morrow (M), Christopher Stasheff

Time Bandits, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Bradley Denton

APA - NYU Collation, S-Dalton

Reading, S-Hampton
Joel Rosenberg

Drawing for Dollars - The Business Side of Convention Art, S-Ind E
Mark J. Ferrari, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Jael (M), Mel White, Robin Wood

The Genesis of a Painting, S-Ind C+W
Michael Whelan

Art Demo: Oils, S-Republic Foyer
James Warhola

3:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
C.J. Cherryh, Diane Duane, Esther Friesner, Gene Wolfe

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Rick Hautala

4:00 PM

SETI - Done Cheap!, H206
Richard Factor

Club SF: "The Trollogy" - a play by Joe Mayhew, H210
Joe Mayhew, Mark Owings

Science and Skeptics, H302
Roger MacBride Allen, Lisa Evans, Judy T. Lazar (M), Milton A. Rothman

Academic Papers, H303
Bradford Lyau, Myron Rapkin, Mark Skarstedt, Erica Van Dommelen

Meet The "Stranger Club", H304/6
Louis Russell Chauvenet, Hal Clement, Chan Davis, G. Timothy Orrok, Robert D. Swisher, Art Widner (M)

Things You Should Have Read, H305
Steven Gould, Karen Haber, Arthur Hlavaty (M), Fred Lerner

Far-out optics, H309
Alan Bostick, Christine Carmichael, Jeff Hecht, Jordin T. Kare (M)

Shared Universes for Sale, H310
Alan Dean Foster, Craig Shaw Gardner (M), David M. Harris, William F. Wu

Smurfs Must Die - getting rid of cutesy-poo fantasy art motifs, H311
Alexis Gilliland, Thomas Kidd (M), Charles Lang, Stu Shiffman

Copyrights/Copywrongs?, H312
David Cherry (M), Bob Laurent, Melinda Snodgrass, M.C. Valada, Bob Walters

Autographs, ConCourse
Edward Bryant, Gordon R. Dickson, Nancy Kress, Gene Wolfe

Palladium games, Hi-Belvidere
Erich Wujcik

Teaching Yourself How to Paint, S-Beacon E
N. Taylor Blanchard, Lucy A. Synk

Ballroom A High-temperature superconductors - the effect on the future,
Howard Davidson (M), Dan Evens, John F. Moore, Bob Webber

Ballroom B Folkloric Roots of Fantasy,
Pamela Dean, Julian May, Patricia A. McKillip, Lee Barwood, Jane Yolen (M)

Reading - Paul O. Williams, S-Clarendon A
Paul O. Williams

Show and Tell - The Historical Fanzine Exhibit, ConCourse
Nancy Atherton

Regency Dance, S-Constitution

Reading, S-Hampton
Mike Resnick

Poisons in the studio: dying for your art, S-Ind E
Paul Clift, Darlene Coltrain

Slide show: Kelley Freas - "Sex and the Single Alien", S-Ind C+W
Frank Kelly Freas

Albedo game playing, Hi-Washington
Paul Kidd

4:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Gordon R. Dickson, Cheryl Franklin, Harry Turtledove, Janny Wurts

Reading, S-Beacon D
Kim Stanley Robinson

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Thorarinn Gunnarsson

5:00 PM

Magic Rings and Other Things, H206
C.J. Cherryh, Michael Jan Friedman, Patricia Kennealy (M), Jennifer Roberson, Allen L. Wold

H210 (Club SF) Q&Amp;A with George R R Martin,
George R.R. Martin

Kids' Books: Which Ones Are Good?, H302
Bruce Coville (M), Jane Jewell, Ruth Sanderson, Josepha Sherman, Joan Vinge

Are all fans nerds?, H303
Janice Eisen, Ginnie Fleming, George "Lan" Laskowski (M), Susan Palwick, Amy Thomson

Series for Fun and Profit, H305
Scott Ciencin, Craig Shaw Gardner, J.D. Macdonald, Byron Preiss (M)

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Music, H309
Emma Bull (M), Grant Carrington, Jane Fancher, Heather Wood

Readercon Small Press Awards, H310
Algis Budrys, Robert Colby (M), David Hartwell, Arthur Hlavaty, Joe Shea, Terri Windling, Mark Zeising

Fifty Years of SF Waves, H311
Elizabeth Anne Hull, Michael Swanwick, Takayuki Tatsumi, Jack Williamson, Jim Young (M)

Sherlock Holmes and SF, H312
Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Evelyn Leeper, Tony Lewis, Stu Shiffman, Joe Siclari (M)

Autographs, ConCourse
A. C. Crispin, Phyllis Eisenstein, John M. Ford, Karl Edward Wagner

Gaming and FRP Marketplace, Hi-Belvidere
Sharleen Lambard (M), Karl JM Martin, Tom Peters, Martin Wixted, Barbara Young

Ballroom A 1969 - 20 years since the lunar landing,
Ben Bova (M), Jordin T. Kare, Geoffrey A. Landis, Charles Sheffield

Ballroom B The Works of JRR Tolkien - 50 Years later,
Betty Ballantine (M), Sandra Miesel, Mark Rogers, Susan Shwartz

Brazil, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
James Patrick Kelly

Collecting Fanzines: How and Why, ConCourse
Eli Cohen, Gary Farber, Steve Stiles

Fat, Feminism, and Fandom, S-Hampton
Laurie Edison, Elise Krueger, Debbie Notkin

The artist's model, S-Ind E
Jim Gurney, Darrell K. Sweet

Annotated Hobbit Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Douglas A. Anderson

Matting and Framing Workshop, S-Republic Foyer
Wendy Snow-Lang

5:30 PM

Filk Concert, H304/6
T.J. Burnside Clapp, Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Duane Elms, Jordin T. Kare, Bill Roper, Carol Roper, Bill Sutton, Brenda Sutton, Peter Thiesen, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Windborne

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Marc Stiegler

6:00 PM

Doorman - Call Me An Aircar (High-speed ground transportation), H206
Bill Higgins

H210 (Club SF) Beauty and the Beast - The Fan Connection,
Barbara Delaplace, Sheila Kaminski, Linda Melnick, Barbara Storey

The Closing of the American Mind, H302
Gregory Benford, David Brin, Hal Clement, Joyce Scrivner (M)

Influences of past artists on modern SF illustration, H303
David Lee Anderson (M), David Cherry, Frank Kelly Freas

On Writing: How to Make the Reader Believe, H305
Roberta Gellis

Solo Gamebooks: Turn to 127, H309
Matthew J. Costello, Steve Jackson (M), Bob Traynor, Barbara Young

Ballantine's authors - the works of Boucher, H310
Debbie Notkin, Mark Owings, Tom Whitmore

The Same Old Things Are lurking Under My Bed -Are there any really new monsters?, H311
Christopher Fahy, Rick Hautala, Gwenyth E. Hood (M), S. T. Joshi, Lee Barwood

Null-C: SF Without Campbellian Influence, H312
Clint Bigglestone (M), Algis Budrys, Joel Rosenberg

West End Games, Hi-Belvidere
Martin Wixted

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Joseph H. Delaney

Arisia, S-Dalton

Life as a free-lance artist, S-Ind E
Vincent DiFate (M), Todd Cameron Hamilton, Arlin Robins, James Warhola

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Ron Walotsky

Sabbath Services, S-Liberty C

6:30 PM

Reading - D.T. Harris, S-Clarendon B
Deborah Turner Harris

7:00 PM

Arthurian Movie Reviews: Excalibur, M.P. & the Holy Grail, etc., H206
Tappan King, Mark Leeper (M), Darrell Schweitzer

Club SF: "Crime of Fashion" live band performance, H210
David "DJ" Minerly, Wendy Alexander

Will the real Robyn Tallis Please Stand Up?, H303
Bruce Coville, Debra Doyle, J.D. Macdonald, Ellen Steiber, Jane Yolen (M), Mary Frances Zambreno

The free software foundation & the free software movement, H305
Richard Stallman

Pair-bonding Your characters, H309
Brenda Clough, Ellen Kushner, Melanie Rawn, J.F. Rivkin, S.M. Stirling (M)

Current topics in Physics Research - What's the next fad in physics?, H310
Alan Bostick (M), Christine Carmichael, Jeff Hecht, Jon Singer

Flash Gordon, episode 7, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Aline Boucher Kaplan

Art Demo: Metal Casting, S-Ind E
Susan Honeck, Arlin Robins

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Jane Fancher

Art Demo: Watercolors, S-Republic Foyer
Gary Lippincott, Lauren Mills

7:30 PM

Why FREE software?, H305
Robert Sears

Bladerunner, Ballroom C

8:30 PM

Hugo Awards Ceremony, Auditorium
Frederik Poh, MC

9:30 PM

Flash Gordon, episodes 8 and 9, Ballroom C

10:00 PM

Late Night filking, Hilton 2nd floor

10:30 PM

First Fandom Meeting in the Cincinnati Fantasy Group Suite - after the Hugos!, Marriot Suite

10:45 pm


11:00 PM

Club SF: DANCE the Night Away - in Club SF!, H210

Fan-o-rama Fan Readings, H305
Gary Farber, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Spike Parsons (M)

Bimbos in Bikinis - part 2, S-Ind C+W
Jack Chalker (M), Felicia Herman, Janny Wurts



Midnight Horror Auction, H206
Lewis Shiner

Sex n' Death - Is there toomuch sleazy sex (and nasty death) in the genre today?, H304/6
Elaine Bergstrom, Richard Lee Byers, Eileen Gunn, Rick Hautala, Walter Jon Williams (M)


Film To Be Determined, Auditorium


Club SF: Selections from the Boston Japanimation Society, H210


SFWA meeting, H206
Craig Shaw Gardner

WSFS Business Meeting, Sunday Edition, H311


Sociology of Science: What Really Happens in the Lab?, H303
Ken Meltsner, Robert A. Metzger (M), Jonathan V. Post

Lobbying for Space: How Congress Really Works, H309
Tim Kyger

Talking Computers, H310
Martin Minow

50 Year Retrospective Brunch, Ballroom B
Isaac Asimov and Others

Stuffed Animal Toys, S-Dalton
Gerri Balter, Herman Schouten

Posing for Photographers, S-Ind E
Sarah Goodman, Arlin Robins

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Vincent DiFate


Lace and Steel game playing, Hi-Jefferson
Paul Kidd


Real Robots, H302
Hans Moravec

Military Fantasy, H304/6
Glen Cook (M), J.R. Dunn, Janet Morris, Rhondi Vilott Salsitz

A History of the Calendar, H305
Gene Schneider

Good Stuff that...came from the slush pile..., H309
D. Douglas Fratz, Stanley Schmidt, Darrell Schweitzer (M), Sheila Williams, Claire Wolf

Why Call Them "Small"?: Private Presses in SF&F, H310
Scott Green (M), David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

How notto Get Published, H312
Beth Fleisher, Jim Frenkel, Shelley Frier, James Patrick Kelly (M), Connie Willis

Autographs, ConCourse
Rick Cook, Steven Gould, Jean Lorrah, Paula Robinson

Lucasfilms games, Hi-Belvidere
Noah Falstein

Furry Fandom meeting, S-Beacon D
Fred Patten

Lojban, S-Beacon E

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Cheryl Franklin

Artist & agent relationships, S-Ind E
Douglas Beekman, Ashley D. Grayson, Muff Musgrave (M)

Slide Show, S-Ind C+W
Bob Eggleton

The Haunted Spaceship game playing, Hi-Lincoln
Erich Wujcik


Autographs, ConCourse
Roberta Gellis, Sasha Miller, Susan Shwartz, Judith Tarr

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Geary Gravel


How are Shared Universe Novels affecting the field?, H206
Debra Doyle, Susan Palwick, Will Shetterly, D. Alexander Smith, Janny Wurts (M)

Comics Writing - How it differs from sf, H302
Chris S. Claremont (M), Larry Hancock, John Hegenberger, Janet L. Hetherington, Rick McCollum, Lewis Shiner

"Thanks for the mammaries" - samples from the slushpile, H304/6
Greg Cox, Janice Eisen, Shelley Frier, Sheila Gilbert, Betsy Mitchell (M)

Academic Forum, H305
Martha A. Bartter, Robin Roberts

Magic Swords, H309
Jennifer Roberson, Juanita Salicrup (M), Evangeline Walton, Anne Elizabeth Zeek

Q & A - Jacqueline Lichtenberg, H310
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Collaborations - How They're Done, H312
Jack C. Haldeman II, John J. Kessel, Julian May, Mark Van Name (M), William F. Wu

Autographs, ConCourse
John Gregory Betancourt, Bradley Denton, Rick Hautala, Christopher Stasheff

The Future of Role Playing Games, Hi-Belvidere
Lori Cole, Paul Kidd, Sharleen Lambard, Jon Marcus, Barbara Young

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Eileen Gunn

Reading, S-Hampton
Nancy Kress

Selling-Off SF: Filthy Hucksters, S-Ind e

Sherry Gershon Gottlieb (M), Jim Groat, Bob Madle, Andrew Porter, Mark Zeising

ASFA meeting, S-Ind C+W
David Cherry

WOOF Collation, S-Liberty C

12:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Martha Soukup, Connie Willis

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Philip Jennings

1:00 PM

Why notCharlemagne?, H206
Clint Bigglestone (M), Roberta Gellis, Nicola Griffith, Sandra Miesel, Judith Tarr

Club SF: JapanimationSundae(to 6 p.m.), H210

Homophobia in SF&F, H302
Diane Duane, Kurt Erichsen, Lyn Paleo, Melissa Scott (M)

Filk as Poetry, H303
T.J. Burnside Clapp, Duane Elms, Rilla Heslin (M), Kathy Mar, Bill Sutton

Media SF for the Literary Fan, H304/6
George R.R. Martin, Bill Rotsler, Melinda Snodgrass (M)

So - You Want to be a space cadet? (YA), H305
Roger MacBride Allen

Are Trek novels small media fanzines?, H309
Lois McMaster Bujold, Carmen Carter, Devra Langsam (M), Jean Lorrah

Forum - Arlan Andrews, H310
Arlan Andrews

SF views the Postholocaust, H311
Richard Bowker, Dean Ing, Shariann Lewitt, David Zindell (M)

Ethics in fantasy and science fiction, H312
Joseph H. Delaney, Joe Haldeman, Franklin Hummel, Chris Morris (M)

Autographs, ConCourse
Brenda Clough, Barry B. Longyear, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John E. Stith

Infocom Games, Hi-Belvidere
Robert Sears

The Star Trek Welcomittee, S-Beacon E
Joan Marie Verba

Reading, S-Clarendon A
John Barnes

Reading, S-Hampton
Phyllis Eisenstein

Role-Playing Adventure Workshop, Hi-Washington
Steve Jackson, Steve Winter

1:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Janet Kagan, David Ross, Nancy Springer

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Patricia C. Wrede

2:00 PM

Historical Fantasy, H206
Lisa Barnett, John M. Ford (M), Kim Stanley Robinson, Delia Sherman

Ballantine's authors - the works of Henry Kuttner, H301
Charles Hornig, Julius Schwartz, Edie Stern (M)

The Women of Camelot, H302
Michael Jan Friedman, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Melanie Rawn, Madeleine Robins (M), Brian Thomsen

Academic Speeches/Forum, H303
Sam Moskowitz, Joe Patrouch

The Ten Worst Ideas in Fantasy, H304/6
Diane Duane, Nancy Kress, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre (M), Elizabeth Moon, Chuck Rothman

Foreign Rights After 1992, H305
Patrick Delahunt (M), Larry Hancock, John-Henri Holmberg, Yoshio Kobayashi, Robert Silverberg

Welcome to Baconberg -The World of Daniel Pinkwater, H309
David M. Harris, David Hartwell, Craig Miller, Willie Siros (M)

Why are They Called "Hard" Sciences?, H310
Bruce Bethke, Jeffrey A. Carver, Kathryn Cramer, Charles Sheffield (M)

The future of SF magazines, H311
Ben Bova, Charles N. Brown (M), Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Anne Jordan, Charles Ryan, Stanley Schmidt

You Don't Want to be an SF Writer - a daring expose!, H312
George Alec Effinger (M), Sharon Farber, Martin Harry Greenberg, James Patrick Kelly, Michael Swanwick

Autographs, ConCourse
Sharon Baker, Hal Clement, Alan Dean Foster, Will Shetterly

Weird RPGs: Interesting or Insanity, Hi-Belvidere
Barbara Haddad, Paul Kidd, Tim Szczesuil (M), Martin Wixted

Gaylaxians meeting, S-Beacon D
Franklin Hummel

Andre Norton Autograph session - (30 minutes), S-Beacon F
Andre Norton

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Ellen Kushner

Lojban, S-Dalton

Reading, S-Hampton
Jane Yolen

Show and Tell - The Photo Exhibit, Hynes 3rd level
M.C. Valada

Art Auction #1, Independence

2:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Hal Clement, Alan Dean Foster, Geoffrey A. Landis, Jennifer Roberson

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Susan Shwartz

3:00 PM

Feminism in SF&F, H206
Laurie Edison, Elizabeth Gross (M), Joyce Scrivner

Down with the Fantasy Genre barrier, H302
Bruce Bethke, Jim Frenkel (M), Geary Gravel, Ellen Kushner, Gene Wolfe

Art in Advertising, H303
A. C. Farley, Jim Gurney, Don Maitz, Real Musgrave (M), Michael Whelan

The Dinosaur Show, H304/6
Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman, Ralph Chapman, L. Sprague de Camp, Bob Walters (M)

Writing Workshops - Good or Bad?, H305
Scott Edelman, Eileen Gunn, Sasha Miller, James Morrow (M), D. Alexander Smith

Writers and Illustrators of the Future, H309
Algis Budrys, Frank Kelly Freas, Fred Harris

Heroic Fantasy - is it still alive today?, H310
Scott Ciencin, John Douglas, J.F. Rivkin, Karl Edward Wagner (M)

Publishers, H311
Jim Baen, William Battista (M), Tom Doherty

Mercenaries in SF - the eclipse of the citizen soldier, H312
Gordon R. Dickson, Christopher Hinz, Joel Rosenberg (M), Melinda Snodgrass, Timothy Zahn

Autographs, ConCourse
David Brin, Craig Shaw Gardner, Laura J. Mixon, Jonathan V. Post

Mythology and Gaming, Hi-Belvidere
Noah Falstein, Deborah Turner Harris, Bob Traynor (M)

Filk Clinic: How to finish that filk song! (2 hours), S-Beacon E
I. Abra Cinii, Rilla Heslin, Barbara Higgins, Mike Stein

Ballroom A Economics and Relativity,
John Barnes, C.J. Cherryh, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., David Ross, John E. Stith (M)

The Magic Cloak of Oz, Ballroom B

Fantastic Planet, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Patricia Kennealy

Jacqueline Lichtenberg/Jean Lorrah Fans, S-Dalton

Reading, S-Hampton
Lewis Shiner

3:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
David Brin, Craig Shaw Gardner, Susan Palwick, Paul O. Williams

The Reluctant Dragon, Ballroom B

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Josepha Sherman

4:00 PM

Women, SF, and technology, H206
Martha A. Bartter (M), Elizabeth Gross, Paula Lieberman, Robin Roberts

How has SF&F changed in fifty years?, H302
Don D'Ammassa, Moshe Feder, Michael Swanwick (M), Jack Williamson

Cancer and Aging - Their Effects on the SF Field, H303
Janet Jeppson Asimov, M.D., Suzy McKee Charnas, Phil Nathanson, Priscilla Olson (M)

The philosophy of quantum mechanics - what is reality?, H304/6
Gregory Benford, Sidney Coleman, John Cramer, Charles Sheffield, Jon Singer (M)

How it changed: the true history of the World SF Convention, 1974-1980, H305
Bruce Pelz, Joe Siclari, Leslie Turek (M), Ben Yalow

Habitable Planets for Man - 25 years later, H309
Ben Bova (M), Hal Clement

Short shorts - where are they today?, H310
Arlan Andrews, Ellen Datlow (M), Dean Wesley Smith, Sheila Williams

The Problem with Media Fantasy, H311
Alan Dean Foster, Mark Merlino, Peter Morwood

Differences between SF and Mystery, H312
Michael A. Banks, Richard Bowker, Scott Ciencin, Glen Cook, George Alec Effinger, Joe Sanders (M)

Autographs, ConCourse
Lois McMaster Bujold, Pat Cadigan, Greg Cox, Mickey Zucker Reichert

How to Win Role Playing Games, Hi-Belvidere
Erich Wujcik

Reading, S-Beacon E
Joan Vinge

Ballroom A Believable FTL travel,
N. Taylor Blanchard, Howard Davidson, John DeChancie, Joe Haldeman, Dean Ing (M), David Ross

The Wizard of Oz, Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, episode 10, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Edward Bryant

The Phantom of the Operar, S-Dalton
John Flynn, Heather Nachman, Lynne Stephens

Reading - George R.R. Martin, S-Hampton
George R.R. Martin

4:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourse
Lois McMaster Bujold, Richard Lee Byers, Geary Gravel, Ellen Kushner

Dark Star, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Jennifer Roberson

5:00 PM

Religious Themes in SF, H206
Bernadette Bosky (M), Phyllis Eisenstein, W.Michael Gear, Ross Pavlac, Donald Wismer

Why Isn't there more far future SF?, H302
Susan Allison, James Morrow (M), Lucius Shepard, Walter Jon Williams, Gene Wolfe

"The Watchmen" - best other form of '87, H303
Guy H. Lillian III, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (M), Stu Shiffman, Brian Thomsen

How Classic! Experts debate about the "classics" of Science Fiction., H304/6
Algis Budrys (M), David Hartwell, Robert Legault, Gordon Van Gelder, Toni Weisskopf

The science fiction of Cordwainer Smith, H305
James P. Killus, Tony Lewis (M), Jim Young

Campbell Nominees (Present and Past) Discuss Writing, H309
Bradley Denton, Geoffrey A. Landis (M), Delia Sherman, Martha Soukup

It could have been worse: the appeal of alternate universe stories, H310
Brad Linaweaver (M), S.M. Stirling, Bill Sutton, Harry Turtledove

What We Learned from the Neptune Flyby, H311
Charles R. Pellegrino, Charles Sheffield, Henry Vanderbelt

World Building 102 (fantasy), H312
Kathryn Cramer, Pamela Dean (M), Cheryl Franklin, Melanie Rawn

Science Fiction vs. Fantasy Games, Hi-Belvidere
Corey Cole (M), Steve Jackson, Paul Kidd, Robert Sears, Steve Winter

Ballroom A In Memoriam: Robert A. Heinlein,
Charles N. Brown (M), Catherine Crook de Camp, H. Bruce Franklin, Joel Rosenberg

Reading, S-Clarendon A
John J. Kessel

Reading, S-Hampton
Frederik Pohl

5:30 PM

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Lee Barwood

6:00 PM

Good Data - Why you don't get it, H206
Richard Dutcher, Jim Hudson, Tom Whitmore

20 years since the Mets miracle/SF in sports, H302
George Alec Effinger, Jack C. Haldeman II, John J. Kessel, George R.R. Martin, Willie Siros (M)

Jean Lorrah - Question and Answer Session, H303
Jean Lorrah

100 Years From Now: Where will we be, and how will we get there?, H304/6
Steven Barnes, Pat Cadigan (M), Bill Higgins, D. Alexander Smith

The Evolution of fandom, H305
David A. Kyle, Ian T. Macauley, Joyce Scrivner, Art Widner (M)

The mythos behind Star Wars, H309
Juanita Salicrup, Jean Stevenson (M), Joyce Yasner, Anne Elizabeth Zeek

The work of Eric Frank Russell, H310
Jack Chalker, Edie Stern

Pson of Psychohistory - emergent social sciences, H311
John Barnes, Michael F. Flynn (M), Claudia O'Keefe

Mass Extinctions - what's next?, H312
Dr. Michael K. Brett-Surman (M), Ralph Chapman, Jeff Hecht, Rick McCollum

TSR Games, Hi-Belvidere
Steve Winter

Ballroom A Myths of the Future,
Sharon Baker, Deborah Turner Harris, Patricia Kennealy, Gene Wolfe (M)

Return to Oz, Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, episode 11, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Mickey Zucker Reichert

Reading, S-Hampton
Alan Dean Foster

6:30 PM

Beauty and the Beast, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon B
Brenda Clough

7:00 PM

Club SF: One-Shot Filking, H210

Alternative Writing Careers: Tech Writing and Science Journalism, H309
Clint Bigglestone (M), Ashley D. Grayson, Jeff Hecht, Jon Singer

Not In My Backyard: Protecting the Global Environment, H310
James P. Killus, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Robin Nakkula (M), Samuel Scheiner, Paul O. Williams

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Steven Gould

Friends of the Dinosaurs, S-Dalton
Ralph Chapman

Reading, S-Hampton
Terry Pratchett

7:30 PM

Reading - R. Cook, S-Clarendon B
Rick Cook

8:00 PM

Trends in Short Horror Fiction, H309
Richard Lee Byers, Tappan King, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Karl Edward Wagner (M)

The Princess Bride, Ballroom B

The Little Mermaid, Ballroom C

Reading, S-Clarendon A
Scott Edelman

8:30 PM

Donkey Skin, Ballroom C

Masquerade, Patrick Kennedy, MC

9:00 PM

The Structure of Conventions, H309
Robbie Cantor (M), David Dyer-Bennet, Kathleen Meyer, Spike Parsons, Tom Whitmore

10:00 PM

Rock and Roll in SF, H310
Emma Bull, Bradley Denton, Lee Orlando (M), Melinda Snodgrass

Ladyhawke, Ballroom B

Them, Ballroom C

Late Night filking, Hilton 2nd floor

11:30 PM

Flash Gordon, episode 12, Ballroom C



Faeries, Ballroom B

The midnight horror artists' panel, S-Ind C+W
Thomas Canty, Charles Lang (M), Mark Rogers, Wendy Snow-Lang


Excalibur, Ballroom B


WSFS Business Meeting, Monday Edition, H311


The abuse of biology in SF, H206
Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth Gross (M), Samuel Scheiner

Can Immortals Enjoy Life?, H302
Brad Linaweaver (M), Jonathan V. Post, Timothy Zahn

Slide show: Michael Whelan's Work, H309
Michael Whelan

Make-up for Masquerade, H310
Richard Hill, Liz Martin

Reading, S-Clarendon
Donald Wismer

The Addiction of Fantasy Role Playing Gaming, Hi-Washington
Tim Szczesuil


Reading, S-Dalton
Chuck Rothman


Short Story Editing - All in the Wrist?, H206
Susan Casper, Ellen Datlow, Pat LoBrutto, Betsy Mitchell, Charles Ryan (M)

The Language of Fantasy, H302
Thorarinn Gunnarsson, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman (M), Connie Willis

Author showcases: Susan McKee Charnas, H303
Suzy McKee Charnas

Overview of the Soviet Space Program, H304/6
Glen Chapman, William Lane, Jonathan McDowell

YA forum #2, H305
Debra Spencer

The Future of Fantasy Publishing, H309
Beth Meacham, Will Shetterly, Terri Windling (M)

What is SF notDoing That it Should?, H310
Ginjer Buchanan, Arthur Hlavaty, Barry N. Malzberg, Frederik Pohl (M), Gene Wolfe

How to Kill Your Series - the Reichenbach solution?, H312
Bruce Coville, Janet Morris, Larry Niven, Donald Wismer (M)

International Costumers: come and meet us!S-Beacon D

Ballroom A The Death of Hard SF,
John Cramer (M), Kathryn Cramer, John E. Stith, Timothy Zahn

The Apple War, Ballroom B

Flash Gordon, all episodes (3:12), Ballroom C


Reading, S-Dalton
Stephen Hickman


Rocket Fuel, H206
Robert Eber

All our children: the creation of comics, rock fanzine, mystery, ST, ... fandoms, H302
Janice Gelb (M), Lois Mangan, Fred Patten, Tim Szczesuil

The Works of Fredric Brown, H303
Robert Legault, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Author's Forum: Kim Stanley Robinson - "The New Wave", H305
Kim Stanley Robinson

Editing reviews, H309
William Battista, Charles N. Brown (M), Don D'Ammassa, George "Lan" Laskowski, Mary Frances Zambreno

Antitech? Are there incentives to forget technology?, H310
Jim Baen, Cheryl Franklin, Mark Keller (M)

Fannish Inquisition ( think THIS is your last Worldcon?), H311
Scott Dennis (M), Kathleen Meyer, Joe Siclari, Kees Van Toorn

AIDS & SF, H312
Lyn Paleo (M), Mickey Zucker Reichert, Don Sakers

The Problems of TV SF, Ballroom A
George R.R. Martin, Lee Orlando, Chuck Rothman

Reading, S-Clarendon
Hal Clement

12:30 PM

Reading, S-Dalton
Lucius Shepard

1:00 PM

Out of the Airlock...How Can You Tell Your Parents You're a Fan/Pro?, H206
Brenda Clough, Ellen Kushner (M), Mark Merlino, Martha Soukup, Bob Webber

Future energy sources, H302
Stephen R. Cooper, Elizabeth Gross, Geoffrey A. Landis, (ask liz) Nore

Costuming in Groups, H303
Caroline Julian, Pierre Pettinger, Sandy Pettinger

Slide Show - Fantasy Illustrations, H305
Ruth Sanderson

All Manners of (people) things beginning with "M", H309
Donald Maass, Marty Massoglia, Elizabeth Moon, Chris Morris (M), Real Musgrave

Desktop Publishing for Fans (MacHectograph?) & pros (MacMergenthaler?), H310
Allen Baum (M), Jan Burke, Frank Richards, Chuq von Rospach, Mark Zeising

Worldcon - 2039, H311
Forrest J Ackerman, Moshe Feder (M), David A. Kyle, Sam Moskowitz, Art Widner

Living with the Greenhouse Effect - a future scenario?, H312
Jim Baen, Jack C. Haldeman II, James P. Killus, Laura J. Mixon (M), Claudia O'Keefe

Dr. Strangelove, Ballroom B

2:00 PM

Fans and Academics, H206
Algis Budrys, Steve Carper, Bradford Lyau (M), Joe Patrouch

Club SF: Masquerade Video , H210

Blind? Ambition - what you need to make it in the SF field?, H302
Joshua Bilmes, Jack Chalker (M), Greg Cox, Resa Nelson, Josepha Sherman, Walter Jon Williams

Filk Parodies, H305
I. Abra Cinii, Marc Glasser, Barbara Higgins (M), Bob Kanefsky, Chris Weber

Hot Jets! - Give Me that Old-time Space Opera, H309
Roger MacBride Allen (M), Glen Cook, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Burnout: Causes and methods of dealing with this too-common problem, H310
Robbie Cantor, Merle Insinga, Mary Kay Jackson, Priscilla Olson (M)

Closing Ceremony and Noreascon Three Slide Show, Auditorium
David Dyer-Bennet, Tony Lewis (MC), Sally Martin, Scott Robinson, Kees van Toorn

2:30 PM

Film Repeat, Ballroom C

3:00 PM

Club SF: Filk Concert Video, H210

Thank Ghod it's Monday, the Gripe Session, H312

Film Repeat, Ballroom B

5:00 PM

Film Repeat, Ballroom B

7:00 PM

Film Repeat, Ballroom B

Switched-on Filking!, Hi-Washington
Duane Elms, J. Spencer Love, Peter Thiesen

9:00 PM

Film Repeat, Ballroom B

Dead Dog Filking - Filk 'til you drop!, Hilton 2nd floor

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