Chicon 1991 Friday Schedule

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1:30 am
 Film -   End of August at the Hotel Ozone (1967) - Regency Ballroom A

3:00 am
 Film -   The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) - Regency Ballroom A

4:50 am
 Film -   Crazy Ray (1922) - Regency Ballroom A

6:30 am
 Film -   Phantom Empire 1-3 (1935) - Regency Ballroom C/D

7:45 am
 Film -   The 20th International Tournee of Animation - Regency Ballroom C/D

9:20 am
 Film -   Phantom Empire 1-3 (1935) - Regency Ballroom C/D

10:00 AM
 Literary -    Third World Mythos vs. the Celts - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: K.     Dalkey
     M. Bartter, J. May, D. McKiernan, M. Zambreno

 Science -     Project Cancelled: Glorious Techie Dreams of Yesteryear - Columbus
     Hall C/D
     Moderator: A.     Andrews
     L. Mann, K. Meltsner, J.F. Moore, J. Roberts, D. Stein

"A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" A
look at what might have been, from the Analytical Engine, to damming
the  Mediterranean, to the nuclear airplane.

 Literary -    Ian & Betty Ballantine - Grand Ballroom A
     Moderator: I.     Ballantine
     B. Ballantine

 Science -     From Cavemen to Chaos: People and Numbers through History -
     Columbus Hall K/L
     F. Aiken

The connections between mathematics and the "real" world as they have
developed through the ages.

 Academic -    Teaching Science Fiction I - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: B.     Friend
     C. Bradley, V.S. Trestrail, J. Williamson

 Art -    Neo-Pro I: Finding Business - Gold Coast
     Moderator: M.     Hanson-Roberts
     G. Dazzo, T. Eldred, T. Harvia, M. Miller

 Art -    Some Day My Prints... - Water Tower
     Moderator: A.     Austin
     P. Breeding-Black, E. McKee, L. Synk

 Art -    Lecture/Demonstration: Lettering - Buckingham
     S. Rosema

 Costuming -   Costume Supports - Columbian
     G. Anderson, G. Wolfenden-Steib

 Autograph - Grand Ballroom C - South
     P. Cadigan, B. Ferguson, N. Holder, R. Lafferty

 Reading - Haymarket
     R. Green

 Reading - Picasso
     J. Patrouch

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     E. Heideman

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     M. Flynn

10:25 am
 Film -   Yellow Submarine (1968) - Regency Ballroom C/D

10:30 am
 Film -   Stairway to Heaven (1946) - Regency Ballroom A

11:00 am
 Literary -    Style and Craft - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: W.     Wu
     T. Bisson, P. McKillip, C. Oberndorf, M. Resnick, G. Wolfe

 Science -     Downloading from Your Brain-- How? When? - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: R.     Mac Bride Allen
     K. Baty, H. Davidson, R. Mac Bride Allen, S. Miller, M. Mist, F.

Hey, here's a tired SF gimmick: pouring the contents of your brain
into a computer, and maybe back again.  Backup copies?  Robot
duplicates?   How could this really be done?  How close is science to
doing it?  Or is it  impossible nonsense?

 Science -     Scientific Creationism in Schools and in Society - Grand Ballroom B
     Moderator: K.     Meyer
     M. Bein, R. Lafferty, R. McCollum, K. Meyer, F. Saberhagen

Should scientific creationism be taught in public schools? If not,
should it be banned from public schools?  Does scientific creationism
serve a real need?  How does this issue illuminate the choices we make
about other items in the curriculum?

 Science -     Invasion of the Geezers: When Old People Rule the Earth - Columbus
     Hall C/D
     Moderator: Joe    Haldeman
     M. Cowan, B. Ferguson, J. Lorrah, L. Mc Master Bujold

Between better health care and Baby Boom demographics, we'll have a
LOT more senior citizens in a decade or two.  How will society change? 

 Academic -    Presentation: Locus - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: C.N.   Brown
     R. Letson

 Art -    Slide Show: Kelly Freas Retrospective - Gold Coast
     F. Kelly-Freas

 Art -    Demonstration: Alkyd - Water Tower
     R. Asplund-Faith

 Art -    Critique: Carl Lundgren - Wacker Hall
     C. Lundgren

 Art -    What's Wrong With Comics - Buckingham
     Moderator: S.     Saffel
     R. Greenberger, M. Javins, D. Kosinski, M. McLaurin, S. Moore
 -   WSFS Mark and Registration Committee - New Orleans

 Autograph - Grand Ballroom C - South
     P. Eisenstein, S. Schmidt, M. Snodgrass, A. Steele, H. Turtledove

 Reading - Haymarket
     D. Houseman

 Reading - Picasso
     S. Gould

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     R. Wilber

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     D. Zindell

12:00 pm
 Literary -    High Fantasy as the Plantation Novel - Grand Ballroom A
     Moderator: D.     Hartwell
     L. Barwood, J. Brunet, K. Cramer, Josepha Sherman, K. Wherstein

 Literary -    Images of Birth and Motherhood in SF - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: K.     Nerat
     J. Gephardt, N. Kress, C. Oberndorf, C. Severance

 Science -     There's a Spaceship in the Lobby:  Politicking for Space - Columbus
     Hall C/D
     Moderator: D.     Skran
     M.J. Dyson, N. Rest, A. Sherzer

To make outer space a better place to live and work, you've got to
start here on the ground.  Activists will discuss the role of politics
in bringing about improved space programs.  

 Science -     Who's Out There? Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
     - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: T.     Van Horne
     L. Boyle, D. Brin, M. Kandel, R. Reed

The search for life beyond the Earth depends on pieces to a puzzle
that scientists are still putting together.  What radio searches are
now underway?  What new knowledge in astronomy, geology, or biology
has shaped the direction of this quest?

 Science -     Dinosaurs: The Latest Word - Grand Ballroom B
     Moderator: M.     Brett-Surman
     R. Chapman, L. Deck, R. Walters

Interdisciplinary experts from the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of
Natural History discuss the world of dinosaur studies, and help dispel
misconceptions about dinosaurs.  Learn about research results that
haven't  hit the press yet.

 Literary -    Authenticity in Military SF - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: E.     Moon
     C.J. Cherryh, H. Clement, S. Miesel, K. Randle, M. Sumner

 Trivia -   Trivia Bowl - New Orleans

 Cities - The Evolution of the High Rise I - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: F.     Pohl
     J. Clayton, D. Krause, D. Levine, G. Price

 Art -    Good Business Practices - Buckingham
     T. Canty, S. Honeck, J. Lee

 Fan -    Fanzines on the Net? (The Future of Fanzines) - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: A.     Ubelhor
     E. Leeper, R. Smith, C. Von Rospach

 Media -  The Murder of Beauty and the Beast - Grand Ballroom E

 Costuming -   To Glitz or notto Glitz - Columbian
     R. Himmelsbach, P. Pettinger, S. Pettinger, J. Ward

 Autograph - Grand Ballroom C - South
     E. Bergstrom, J. DeChancie, D. Mattingly, J.L. Nye

 Reading - Haymarket
     L. Mann

 Reading - Picasso
     L. Mixon

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     P. Wrede

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     E.b. Shahar

 Film -   Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) - Regency Ballroom C/D

12:20 pm
 Film -   Defending Your Life (1991) - Regency Ballroom A

1:00 PM
 Literary -    Fantasy of Manners - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: S.     Brust
     J.R. Douglas, D. Keller, P. Nielsen-Hayden, T. Nielsen-Hayden

 Literary -    I Remember Don:  A Wollheim Memorial - Grand Ballroom A
     Moderator: F.     Ackerman
     J. Clayton, R. Coulson, D. Kyle, F. Pohl, E. Wollheim

 Literary -    The Bible as a Fantasy Novel - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: J.     Gelb
     M.S. Bell, J. Brunet, P. Eisenstein, J. Lichtenberg, J. Mayhew

 Science -     Good Things Come In Small Packages: Nanotechnology - Columbus Hall
     Moderator: R.     Asplund-Faith
     A. Andrews, H. Daniel, E. Raymond, J. Strickland

Nanotechnology has caused a stir in SF circles.  Our ability to 
manipulate matter, perhaps even individual atoms, may allow us to
build tiny machines halfway between robots and germs that reproduce
themselves and do our bidding.  Tantalizing possibilities: build
anything, make everyone rich,  attack disease, raise the dead.

 Science -     My Mother, My Host I: Medical Advances in Reproduction - Columbus
     Hall C/D
     Moderator: M.     Reichert
     M. Bein, A. Dormire, E. Van Dommelen, S. Willis

There are new ways to have children.  What advances will the future
bring in surrogate motherhood, in vitro fertilization, artificial
wombs, and other techniques?  What methods used on livestock today may
be used on humans tomorrow?

 Science -     Friends of the Dinosaur - Grand Ballroom B
     Moderator: M.     Brett-Surman
     R. Chapman, L. Deck, R. Walters

An informal, open discussion of dinosaur lore, following the
presentations of the "Dinosaurs: The Latest Word" panel.  Bring your
questions and speculations to our scientists, writers, and artists.

 Academic -    Lecture: Author Studies - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: J.     Webb
     P. Kaveny, N. Ruddick, W. Schuyler

 Art -    Lecture: Anatomy Lab - Gold Coast
     D. Maitz

 Art -    Basic Photography for Artists - Water Tower
     C. Jones

 Art -    Portfolio Review - Buckingham
     Moderator: P.     Breeding-Black
     D. Anderson

 Fan -    Evolution of Fanspeak - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: T.     Weisskopf
     M. Feder, L.Z. Smith, E. Whitley

 Filk -   How to Be a Famous Filker - Grand Ballroom E
     Moderator: D.     Elms
     B. Sutton, W. Sutton
 -   WSFS Business Meeting - Grand Ballroom F

 Costuming -   Foam and Fur - Creature Costuming - Columbian
     L. Hill, D. Ivey

 Reading - Haymarket
     M. McHugh

 Reading - Picasso
     A. Honigsberg

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     A. Gilliland

 Art -    Computer Animation at Home - TBA

1:45 PM
 Film -   Back to the Future III (1990) HUGO NOMINEE - Regency Ballroom C/D

2:00 pm
 Literary -    Fashion and Passion - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: A.     Jablokow
     A. Harris, E.b. Shahar

 Literary -    How the News Affects What's Published - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: K.     Rusch
     B. Ferguson, R. Gleason, N. Kress, P. Robinson, S. Schmidt

 Literary -    The Changing Role of the Editor - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: B.     Meacham
     S. Allison, D. Hartwell, R. Silverberg, D.W. Smith

 Literary -    Crossing Disciplines 2, History, Sociology and Science - Grand
     Ballroom A
     Moderator: M.     Sestak
     C.J. Cherryh, M. Gear, Jack Haldeman, K. Massie-Ferch, M. Sumner

 Science -     Automated Thought Today: Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence,
     etc. - Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: M.     Miller
     G. Corrigan, M. Flynn, D. Kingsbury, J. Martino, M. Van Name

They're still trying to make machines think, or pretend to think. 
Where do we stand now?  What's coming tomorrow?

 Science -     Whatever Happened to L5? Today's Pro-Space Organizations - Columbus
     Hall K/L
     Moderator: J.     Liss
     L. Ahearn, C. Sheffield, D. Skran, L. Weigel

A number of private organizations are working to open the space
frontier through education, research, and political activism.  Who are
they, and what have they accomplished?

 Science -     Iraqi War Picture Show: What SF Learned from the Gulf War - Grand
     Ballroom B
     Moderator: D.     Hatch
     G. Cook, J. Grimm, J. Roberts

What did the recent Persian Gulf conflict teach us about the Middle
East, about high-tech weaponry, or about the media landscape we
inhabit?  How will it influence science fiction?

 Academic -    The Nazi Holocaust and Fantastic Literature - Grand Ballroom D -
     Moderator: G.K.   Wolfe
     J. Gordon, Joe Haldeman, L. Stein, E. Weil

 Art -    Illustrators of The Future - Buckingham
     Moderator: A.J.   Budrys
     F. Kelly-Freas, L. Kelly-Freas

 Art -    Demonstration: Waxworking for Jewelry - Water Tower
     B. Guarino

 Fan -    Flavors of Regional U.S. Fandoms - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: Joni   Stopa
     P. Frierson, F. Patten

 Autograph -   Guest of Honor Signing - Wrigley
     H. Clement

 Costuming -   Presentation and Stage Etiquette - Columbian
     J. Hertz, P. Pettinger, S. Pettinger, G. Wolfenden-Steib

 Reading - Haymarket
     M. Kenin

 Reading - Picasso
     A. Shepherd

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     C. Willis

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     E. Moon

2:30 PM
 Film -   Wings of Desire (1987) - Regency Ballroom A

3:00 pm
 Literary -    Story Writing for the Comics - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: C.     Claremont
     T. Bisson, J. Cavelos, A. Harris, L. Wein

 Literary -    Cross-Bred Genre Writers - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: R.     Shea
     N. Atherton, G. Dazzo, D. Keller, J. Roberts, L. Stewart Carl

 Science -     Defining Infocrime: Cracking, Security, and Enforcement - Grand
     Ballroom B
     Moderator: M.     Godwin
     S. Murphy, D. Price, A. Steele, M. Whelan

Computers and networks make some old crimes easier, some harder, and
also make some totally new crimes possible.  How to protect against
infocrime? How to enforce laws against it?  Policies we make today may
set precedents for generations to come.  How can we make wise

 Science -     There Must Be A Better Way: Alternatives to Chemical Rockets -
     Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: G.     Landis
     T. Johnson, J. Kare, H. Spencer

It takes a mighty big chemical rocket to put a mighty small payload
into space.  Can we replace them?  What about coilguns, laser
launchers, nukes,  skyhooks, or beanstalks?  Or methods even more

 Science -     The SF Writer's Science Reference Shelf - Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: M.     Kube-McDowell
     J. Coulson, A. Latner, E. Moon, D. Sakers

You don't have to be a superscientist yourself to write good science
fiction.  Our authors discuss the reference works they consult-- and
solicit suggestions for others.

 Cities - The Development of Cities I - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: L.     Watt-Evans
     K. Meyer, F. Pohl, G. Rosenblum, Joel Sherman

 Art -    Artist's Rights - Buckingham
     Moderator: J.     Wurts
     A. Cabrera, D. Cherry, J. Lee

 Art -    Slide Show: A Little Left of Reality - Gold Coast
     J. Christensen

 Fan -    The Third Chicon (1962) - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: M.     Beck
     G. Price, R. Sims, Jon Stopa, Ed Wood
 -   Aerobics - New Orleans
     J.A. Douglas

 Reading - Haymarket
     M. Kandel

 Reading - Picasso
     E. Bergstrom

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     D. Schweitzer

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     J. Dorr

3:55 pm
 Film -   Beetlejuice (1988) - Regency Ballroom C/D

4:00 PM
 Literary -    Famous Guys Comics - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: B.     Foster
     P. Foglio, G. Ketter, J.F. Moore, L. Nakashima

 Literary -    Near Future SF - Grand Ballroom A
     Moderator: J.     Stith
     R. Sawyer, D.A. Smith, A. Steele, M. Van Name

 Literary -    Damn the Marketing Game - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: H.     Wood
     S. Allison, J.R. Douglas, R. Gleason, E. Lang

 Science -     Plugging Everyone In:  The Future of Telecommunications - Grand
     Ballroom B
     Moderator: D.     Skran
     B. Burch, D. Doughty, S. King, M. Miller

Telegraph, telephone, radio, TV, cable, satellite, VCR, fax--
innovations in communications have revised our world several times,
and they're notthrough with us yet.  Join our experts to peer into
their crystal balls.

 Science -     Tales from the Tech Shop: True Funny Science and Technology Yarns -
      Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: H.     Davidson
     A. Andrews, J. Kare, G. Landis, M. Reichert

The folklore of technology. Wayward computers. Amazing technopranks. 
Inspired problem-solving.  Dubious inventions.  Explos*BANG!*

 Science -     The Great Exploration: The Livermore Proposals for Inexpensive
     Space Infrastructure - Columbus Hall K/L
     A. Sherzer

Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have proposed  a
series of ventures into space using "old" technologies and lightweight
materials. The Livermore approach produces a slender thread of
facilities from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to Mars. Each step provides a
toehold for colonies bo build from and at the same time make economic
exploration of the solar system a real posibility.

 Art -    Comics Crossover - Buckingham
     Moderator: R.     Eggleton
     K. Erichsen, T. Hamilton, T. Harvia, M. Javins, M. McLaurin, S.

 Art -    Slide Show: The Forty Thieves - Water Tower
     D. Maitz

 Fan -    A Wealth of Fable? (Fan Historians Panel) - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: R.     Lynch
     F. Lerner, B. Pelz, J. Siclari, N. Tucker

 Academic -    Discussion Panel: H.P. Lovecraft - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: F.     Hummel
     M. Rich, D. Schweitzer
 -   SFWA Meeting - Grand Ballroom F

 Costuming -   From the Neck Up - Part 1 Makeup and Hair - Columbian
     R. Beech, N. Mildebrandt

 Autograph - Grand Ballroom C - South
     E. Bryant, L. Carpenter, E. Kushner, J. Moffett

 Reading - Haymarket
     L. Hamilton

 Reading - Picasso
     S. Shwartz

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     B. Bova

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     L. Barwood

4:45 PM
 Film -   The Time Machine (1960) - Regency Ballroom A

5:00 pm
 Literary -    Pure vs. Mixed Horror - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: N.     Holder
     D. Dunn, S. Hartzell, F. Hummel, G.R.R Martin, R. Weinberg

 Literary -    Talk on Phantom of the Opera - Grand Ballroom A
     Moderator: J.     Zetterberg
     E. Bergstrom, H. Nachman, W. Tucker

 Science -     Chaos: What is it?  Why does everyone apply it to everything? -
     Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: A.     Harris
     M. Bein, M. Kandel, M. Sestak, C. Sheffield

A look at the new interdisciplinary insights arising from the study of
"chaotic systems," whose state depends upon initial conditions in a
sensitive way.

 Science -     Do-It-Yourself Aliens: Creature Design for Art and Fiction - Grand
     Ballroom B
     Moderator: L.     Niven
     W. Barlowe, D. Brin, R. Charrette, L. Synk, R. Walters

To create convincing aliens, you've got to harness a vivid imagination
to a sound knowledge of biological principles.  Find out how the pros
do it.

 Literary -    A Whisper of Blood - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: E.     Datlow
     P. Cadigan, M. Hall, K.W. Jeter, K. Koja, D. Schow

 Science -     Cyberpunk Under Siege? The Steve Jackson Games Affair and the
     Secret Service - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: M.     Godwin
     S. Jackson

Why did the Secret Service raid the game publisher, seizing computers
and documents and severely crippling its business?  What events led up
to the raid? And  what does this portend for future relationships
between law enforcement agencies and  computer users?

 Academic -    Theory of Horror Fiction - Grand Ballroom D - North
     Moderator: K.     Cramer
     D. Hartwell

 Art -    Round Table: Professional Concerns - Gold Coast
     M. Whelan

 Art -    Demonstration: Scratchboard - Buckingham
     E. McKee

 Fan -    The Cult of the Party Goddess - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: M.     Beck
     L. Mann, D. Siegel, Joni Stopa, D. Wright

 Filk -   So You Want to Make a Tape - Grand Ballroom E
     Moderator: C.     Roper
     B. Childs-Helton, E. Gerds, R. Laurent

 Autograph - Grand Ballroom C - South
     P. Cirone, Joe Haldeman, G. Lee, J. Morrow, T. Zahn

 Reading - Haymarket
     P. Robinson

 Reading - Picasso
     M. Snodgrass

 Reading - Geneve/Bern
     W. Wu

 Reading - Basel/Lausanne
     L. Tilton

5:35 pm
 Film -   Batman (1989) - Regency Ballroom C/D

6:45 pm
 Film -   Time After Time (1979) - Regency Ballroom A

7:00 PM - Guest of Honor Speeches - Grand Ballroom

7:41 pm
 Film -   Vincent - Regency Ballroom C/D

8:00 pm
 Film -   Edward Scissorhands (1990) HUGO NOMINEE - Regency Ballroom C/D

8:45 pm
 Film -   The Brother From Another Planet (1984) - Regency Ballroom A

9:00 pm
 Late Night -Outlaw Sexuality - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: R.     Wilber
     P. Cadigan, M. Krueger, M. McHugh, S. McKee Charnas, M. Swanwick

 Literary -    War and Healers - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: P.     Wrede
     A. Jablokow, D. Thornley, J. Wurts, T. Zahn

 Science -     Women, Technology, and Science Fiction - Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: R.     Gross
     E. Berman, C. Miller, E. Moon, S.M. Stirling, A. Thomson

Why are the female scientists, engineers so few?  Can SF be a pathway
to awareness of, or even a career in, technology?  Are there
"feminine" technologies?  

 Late Night -Horror: 1990 in Review - Columbus Hall I/J
     E. Bryant, R. Garcia, G. Laskowski, D. Schweitzer

 Filk -   The Black Book Band - Gold Coast
     Moderator: M.     Wessels-O'Cain
     B. Childs-Helton, S. Childs-Helton, M. Kube-McDowell, G. Zak

9:55 pm
 Film -   Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - Regency Ballroom C/D

10:00 PM
 Literary -    Usefulness of the Addict as Main Character - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: S.     Gould
     P. Cadigan, G. Effinger, S. Gould, K. Koja, J.F. Moore

 Late Night -Erotic Horror - Columbus Hall I/J
     Moderator: E.     Bryant
     J. Cavelos, N. Holder, D. Schow, L. Tilton

 Science -     Only You Can Make a Tree: Biology-Building for Your Imaginary World
     - Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator:   Ctein
     R. Kirstein, P. McAuley, S. Scheiner

Creating life for SF and fantasy stories.  Matters of ecology,
biochemistry, and evolution, all in the service of better imaginary

 Late Night -Is Horror Dead? - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: R.     Mainhardt
     R.L. Byers, G. Laskowski, L. Watt-Evans

 Fan -    Fan Artists Scribble - Columbus Hall E/F
     Moderator: A.     Gilliland
     K. Erichsen, J. Gomoll, T. Harvia, J. Mayhew, M. Ranson, D. Stein,
     P. Tortorici

10:45 pm
 Film -   The 20th International Tournee of Animation - Regency Ballroom A

11:00 PM
 Literary -    Women Who Love Heinlein - Columbus Hall A/B
     Moderator: T.     Weisskopf
     S. Casper, M. Cowan, J. Scrivner, C. Willis

 Late Night -How We Started Our Writing Group - Columbus Hall K/L
     Moderator: M.     Reichert
     C. Gilman, K. Massie-Ferch, J. Rosenberg, B. Worthel

 Late Night -Memory Demonstration - Columbus Hall E/F
     L. Schoen

 Science -     Balonium and Doubletalk Generators: Faking Science Plausibly -
     Columbus Hall C/D
     Moderator: M.     Kandel
     F.A. Brejcha, M. Jackson, L. Mc Master Bujold, C. Mills

How to make up made-up science and technology.  What are techniques 
for making it convincing?  What authors or stories do it well?
Panelists  may also cite bad examples and show how they could have
been fixed.

 Late Night -Stephen King Appreciation - Columbus Hall I/J
     P. Anthony, P.J. Beese, G. Boettcher, A.L. Chancellor, B. Ferguson,
     J. Hetherington

11:30 PM
 Filk -   Bill & Duane - Gold Coast
     D. Elms, W. Roper

12:00 am
 Film -   The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - Regency Ballroom C/d

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