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Before I became a Hugo or Nebula fan, I was (and am) an Oscar fan. Despite the fact I have wildly mixed feelings about popular awards (don't get me started on Oscar failures, like Titanic or The Last Emporer), I have been a devoted follower of Oscar politics and the awards for many years. I can't completely blame my Dad for this, but he bought a copy of a book that had photos from Oscar winners when it was first published in the mid-'60s. I almost memorized that book; whenever I saw that an Oscar-winner was to be on TV, I made a point of watching it. Back before the days of taping or digital recording, this wasn't always easy.

I thought going to Hollywood at Oscar time would be a way cool thing. But I'm just a movie fan - would it be worth it?

Back in 2002, I heard that some Lord of the Rings fans threw themselves an Oscar party. In Hollywood. What a way cool idea. So, being an ardent Tolkien and Jackson fan, I started hanging out more frequently on TheOneRing.Net, where I adopted the pseudo-Tolkeinish name of "JRandomRohirrim." Due to being both early and persistent, I got tickets to the TORN Oscar Party! The TORN Oscar Party sold out about 15 minutes after the tickets went on sale, so I know how lucky I was to buy tickets for my co-worker Laura Dice and me.

On February 28, Laura and I ran into each other in line for the X-ray machine at the airport, which was reassuring (I tend to be early for things, Laura tends to be late). The flight left almost on time and the flight to LA was really smooth.

I realized later that I'd failed to take a photo of Laura at the party or have Laura take a photo of me! But, I found someone else, had taken a photo of Laura Dice, so...

Laura Dice at Return of The One Party, Photo by Heather Stanfield
Laura Dice at Return of The One Party
Photo by Heather Stanfield
Laurie Mann
Laurie Mann
What I Wore at TOP04...
My photo from Return of the One Party
There Is a Picture of my Back (the mostly-bare back towards the enter) at Return of the One Party

I showed up briefly in this video at about the 1:44 point; my friend Laura Dice is the woman standing to my left at about 1:42, just after the Best Picture winner was announced!

Saturday, February 28: Oscar Tent in Front of the Kodak Theater
The 2004 Oscar Poster
Laura and the Star of Hidalgo
Hollywood and Highland Archway
LA Skyline from Hollywood
The Hollywood Sign Through the Archway
Into the West Saturday Night
Sunday, February 29: Got Hobbit?
Hollywood and Highland, Oscar Morning Set-up
Statues at Huntington Gardens
Huntington Gardens Japanese Garden
The Beacon on the Hollywood American Legion Post
Sir Ian McKellan, an Oscar Ceremony Presenter
Howard Shore, Fran Walsh and Annie Lennox Accepting an Oscar for Best Song - "Into the West"
Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens Accept the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay
Peter Jackson Accepts the Best Picture Oscar for Return of the King
The One Ring Circus Performs at Return of The One Party 2004
John Rhys-Davies Drops In
Startled Elijah Wood
Oscars on Parade
Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood Address the Crowd
Art Director Alan Lee
Gollum Onstage
Fran Walsh Speaks!
Producer Barrie Osborne
Billy Boyd Sings
Who Was that Miked Man?
Kodak Theater - the Oscar Aftermath

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