We know that no hotel is perfect for accessibility, but we believe the Crowne Plaza provides us with an accessible option.

If you have additional questions regarding access, please contact us directly.


The Crowne Plaza is fully accessible to people using scooters, wheelchairs, or wheeled walkers. However, there are a lot of ramps throughout the hotel.

  • Ramp down from the lobby to the elevators (up to guest rooms, down to conference level)
  • Ramp up from the elevators to the function rooms on the conference level
  • Slight ramp up into Metro Place (Consuite)
  • Metro Place has two levels, with the upper level accessed via a short staircase or via ramp
  • Ramp down to the exit for the parking lot

All of our function space is accessible. We will have space blocked off for them in each of the programming rooms – look for the blue tape rectangles on the floor towards the front and/or back of the room.

All of the restrooms on the two function space floors are accessible.

Hotel map.

Scooter Rental:

If you are interested in renting a scooter, the hotel recommends:

Mobility Shop. 888-404-5554 -
  • $50/day rental, minimum of two days for free delivery/pickup
  • $100 rush surcharge for reservations made within 48 hours of user pickup
  • Reservation made on their website
  • Rental day begins at 8 am
Mark Drug, 630-825-2525 -
  • $35 day rental, but $65 weekend rental (Fri-Sat-Sun)
  • No free delivery to O’Hare, $75 charge

Vision/Hearing Impairment:

The front rows in all three function rooms will be reserved for our attendees with vision and/or hearing impairments.

The program guide will be available at convention registration in large print format.