Smofcon 34 (2016) Code of Conduct

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Smofcon 34 exists for the enjoyment and enrichment of the fannish community. To ensure that the greatest number of people achieve this objective, we have established this Code of Conduct. By this Code, we seek only to ensure that the behavior of any one small group does not disturb the membership as a whole, nor does it detract from the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of our event.

It is important that you read and understand this Code. Anyone who attends Smofcon 34 is expected to follow this Code for the entire duration of the event, including any informal pre- or post-event activities.

Smofcon 34 reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation. Please keep in mind that these rules involve, of course, "worst-case" scenarios and are put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our members. They are not all-inclusive; in all cases, the singular rule that supersedes all others is, "Any action or behavior that is illegal or causes significant interference with event operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Smofcon’s relationship with its guests, its venue, or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of membership privileges."

We anticipate no difficulties, as our members and attendees as a whole are rational and responsible adults. Smofcon 34 is prepared to deal with any issues related to the Code in as rapid and efficient a manner as possible should they occur. We thank our members and attendees for their past cooperation and for their continued assistance in making Smofcon 34 an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Have fun - just please remember to be courteous of those around you while doing so!

Respect for Others

Smofcon 34 wants all of its members to enjoy themselves at its events. As such, we ask that you respect each other. All Smofcon 34 events should be a space where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.

Discrimination (based on, but not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical / mental disability) is not tolerated. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If someone tells you “no” or asks you to leave them alone, your business with them is done.

If you feel that you are being discriminated against or harassed, or if you notice someone behaving inappropriately (such as violating hotel or convention policies), we respectfully suggest the following:

  1. If you feel comfortable doing so, point out the inappropriate behavior to the person(s) involved. Often this will solve the problem immediately.
  2. If you do not feel comfortable talking with the person(s) involved, or if talking to them does not resolve the issue, please report the situation immediately to Smofcon 34 staff.
    • It would be extremely helpful if you could provide a name, badge name / number and / or physical description of the person(s) involved.
    • Note that we can be most effective at taking action if we find out about incidents during the event, but will also follow up on any post-con incident reports.

Privacy, Photographs, and Recording Electronic Information

Smofcon 34 members should be aware that photography and video and/or audio recordings are frequently made by during events and that their likenesses may appear in those recordings.

Personal Photography / Recordings:

Please be polite and ask before taking photographs or recordings of attendees and members whenever possible. Video and audio recording and photography for personal archival use only is generally acceptable, unless individuals make it clear that they do not wish to be photographed or recorded, in which case any photography or recording of them is expressly forbidden.

Financial Transactions

Checks that are presented against insufficient funds will be charged a fee of $30 per check.

Corporate Response to Violations of the Code of Conduct

  1. Smofcon 34 reserves the right to revoke membership from and eject anyone at any time from the event without a refund.
  2. Failure to adhere to any of the above policies may result in a number of possible consequences. Consequences include, but are not limited to:
    • Talking with all parties involved and attempting to mediate a solution to the problem
    • Issuing verbal warnings
    • Revoking memberships and requesting that the person(s) leave the event
    • Involving hotel or facility staff or security
    • Contacting local law enforcement
  3. Reporting process:
    • If consuite is open, please report the situation to consuite staff. They will contact the Convention Chair, who will then take the report. From there, the Convention Chair will consult with the Board of Directors of the sponsoring organization (Science Fiction Outreach Project, Inc.) to determine next steps, and will keep the person reporting informed until the issue is resolved.
    • If consuite is not open, please report the situation to hotel security, who will contact the Convention Chair and the process will proceed as described above.


Smofcon 34 is a membership-only event, hosted by the Science Fiction Outreach Project, Inc. All members must wear their membership badges at all times. A badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued; badges may not be shared under any circumstances.


Please follow any and all rules set by the convention Hotel. Smofcon 34 asks that you pay special attention to the following:


Any act of vandalism, deliberate or excessive damage to hotel property, or interference with hotel staff in the performance of their duties will have negative consequences for individuals and the convention. Consequences for individuals could range from being billed for damages, evicted from the hotel and/or convention, and criminal charges.

The person in whose name a sleeping room is rented is solely responsible for the conduct of all individuals in the room as well as for the condition of the room. Excessive trash, soiling or other damage to hotel property, or any circumstance that may present a hazard to hotel housekeeping staff will also result in negative consequences as noted above.


Illinois has an indoor clean air ordinance; this is beyond the control of Smofcon 34 and the hotel. Smoking is not allowed in any public buildings, including restaurants and bars, nor within 15 feet of building entrances. Designated smoking locations can be found outside the entrances to the hotel. The hotel does not allow smoking in sleeping rooms.

NOTE: Members who smoke in sleeping rooms are subject to cleaning charges.


Although the hotel does allow pets (please see their website for fees and restrictions), Smofcon 34 does not allow pets in function space. This is for the protection of the pet, the pet owner, our members, and hotel guests. Service animals are permitted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Do not affix anything to the walls of the hotel, to the elevators, to the windows, or to Smofcon 34 signage.

Non-convention guests/General Public

Please remember that the convention is held in an area where we will come into contact with non-fans. Please try and be respectful of the hotel's other guests and use common sense, especially in the public areas of the hotel.


The legal drinking age in Illinois is 21. Alcohol will be served in the convention Consuite, but must be served by hotel staff during designated hours. Please follow the hotel policies on alcohol consumption in hotel public spaces, such as the lobby.

Sales of Merchandise

The offering for sale of any merchandise at the convention may be undertaken only in Consuite with permission from Smofcon 34.