Future Smofcon Bids

Future Bids

Santa Rosa Wine Country, California - Bruce Farr, Bobbi Armbruster, Joni Brill Dashoff, Adrienne Foster, Linda Deneroff, Ann Marie Rudolph, Patty Wells
Albuquerque - Ron Oakes
2019 or 2020
Cleveland - ConCoction

Less definite, possible hoax bids

Havana, Europe

If there are other Smofcon bids, please let the Webmaster know.

How to Bid for a Smofcon

The site of a Smofcon is voted on during the Smofcon the previous year. Smofcon bidding is extremely informal. If you want to bid for a Smofcon, there are basically four steps:

  1. Attend Smofcons.
  2. During several "Fannish Inquisisions," say you would like to run a Smofcon.
  3. Do a hotel search and find a hotel that's available in early December (traditional Smofcon dates).
  4. It never hurts to donate a cheese tray, case of beer or cookies to a Smofcon Con Suite in the name of your bid. E-mail the people running the Smofcon you might want to donate snacks or sponsor a breakfast to.
  5. The year before the proposed Smofcon, give a more detailed site presentation and have flyers and a Website ready with convention information in case your site wins.