Brenda and Laurie's Trip to Manhattan: View of Macy's from the Empire State Building

View of Macy's from the Empire State Building

After we left the Empire State Building, we wandered back towards Times Square and stopped at the New York Public Library. We were interested in Brazilian food for dinner, but the Brazilian places seem to have left mid-town, so we wound up at a Japanese place that turned out to be quite good.

After dinner, we went back downtown to our long-awaited rendezvous with the great Elaine Stritch. Having seen The Women the previous day meant we better understood her story about acting in a revival of The Women decades ago. It's amazing to see a 76-year-old woman onstage in black tights and a white shirt, sing and move around the stage for about 2 1/2 hours (with an intermission).

© 2001 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann