Brenda and Laurie's Trip to Manhattan, December 2001 - World Trade Center Destruction Site (Looking East)

On Friday morning, Constance Ash met us at the hotel and led us down to Ground Zero. She walked us down Broadway and would point out how far up the street the shadow of the World Trade Center would go, and stressed how much the area of Soho and Tribeca had changed since September 11. We couldn't really see very much (there were many buildings in the way) until she took us around a corner and we saw this:

World Trade Center Destruction Site (Looking East)

This photo is taken roughly from behind where the Millennium Hotel had been. The building with the flag had about half of its facade on the WTC side ripped away. That side of the building was mostly covered by a huge black mesh.

© 2001 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann