Brenda and Laurie's Trip Down Manhattan: Laurie Arrives in Times Square

Laurie Arrives in Times Square

In mid-November, Brenda Clough asked me if I'd like to join her in New York City, go to her reading and see a show. It took me a few hours of lower math to figure out that, yes, I could afford to do it. (Unfortunately, it did entail taking the overnight bus from Pittsburgh to avoid the $450 mid-week cost of a plane ticket.) So we arranged to meet in mid-town after her lunch with Analog editor Stan Schmidt. I arrived on the morning of December 19, stashed my suitcase at our hotel (Washington Square Hotel) further downtown, and returned to the Times Sq. area to walk around. There's a good visitors' center in Times Square, with a Yahoo! Internet Surfing Station.

© 2001 Photo by Yahoo! Internet Surfing Station, Times Square